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DVD rankings zeitgeist for online consumers, give them a taste of 9/11 truth!

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Terror Storm is gearing up for its final assault on the Amazon rankings after re-entering the top 25 last night! The Amazon charts are the equivalent of the New York Times bestseller list for DVD's and with your support we can reach an entirely new audience and give 9/11 truth a fresh lease of life.


With Christmas coming up why not buy ten copies and give them as gifts? They are only $12.99 a piece. Rather than an unwanted tie or a sweater that gets thrown away in January, give something that really matters - give the gift of the truth!

The Amazon rankings are a zeitgeist for online consumers. Many people decide on their purchases directly from a DVD being in the top 100 list and so by buying a copy of Terror Storm helps raise awareness and bring new people on board who probably would never encounter this kind of information.

Should Terror Storm reach number one it will also open the door to more mainstream media coverage of our message and force those who have tried to shut away and ignore us to recognize that American citizens are informed, outraged and ready to take action to reclaim the soul of America that has been ravaged by six years of Neo-Con butchery and phony bi-partisan compromise.

Please note that if you see Amazon switch the delivery estimate to 4-6 weeks this is only a temporary change and you will get your DVD within days. Amazon currently has thousands in stock and is able to fulfil next day delivery.



From Alex Jones.

Dear Friends,

Amazing! Last week my new documentary TERRORSTORM shot up to number 12 of the top 100 DVDs on Amazon!

It's even more incredible looking at what we were up against: the standard Hollywood fare, including the latest Pirates of the Carribbean and Harry Potter movies. Your efforts show that gaining a commanding position on the sales chart increases the exposure of TERRORSTORM to mainstream audiences - the folks who are still in the dark about the truth of government sponsored terror.

Incredibly, due to your efforts, TERRORSTORM still ranks at number 107 on Amazon, and this week I am asking you to do the impossible - help get this DVD to NUMBER ONE!

If you have not bought this DVD yet, now is the time to do so. Many folks use Amazon as a guide to the latest DVDs, so we are guaranteed to reach lots of people who would never have encountered this information by any other means.

I am making next to nothing from promoting the purchase of TERRORSTORM on Amazon. Those of you who listen to my radio broadcast every day, you know exactly how passionate I am about the issues in this film. By making TERRORSTORM, I have a chance to go beyond my loyal listener base and reach those still in the dark about our new age of government-sponsored terror.

Whether it's for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, rising up the charts again makes a statement - that there is a wide audience for a film like TERRORSTORM. By staying strong on Amazon, the video chains we called out last week (Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery) and their corporate masters will take notice - that informed people want more TRUTH and CHOICE on their shelves.

And unlike Google, Amazon doesn't censor its ranking system - so let's make it our own and send TERRORSTORM to number one.


Alex Jones


P.S. For those of you for have already made your commitment to the cause - thank you! Thanks to all who have supported my efforts and the film:

"Alex Jones is a true patriot, a genuine hero."

- Actor/Director Charlie Sheen

"TERRORSTORM sets a new standard in documentary filmmaking. Alex Jones knocks it out of the park yet again."

- Dylan Avery, Director, Loose Change

"TERRORSTORM is the DVD of The Resistance!"

- Kurt Nimmo, Syndicated Columnist





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