New "Planet Mancow" Fox Show Features Infowars Team Member
Kevin Smith debates 9/11 fireman in expected hit piece

Kevin Smith
Prison Planet
Friday, November 17, 2006

Planet Mancow
8:00-9:00pm CST Fox News Channel

Popular radio personality Erich “Mancow” Muller talks with William Shatner about the influence of “Star Trek”; 9/11-conspiracy theories with Kevin Smith and New York City firefighter Brian Harvey, who was at Ground Zero. Also: “stars” Lazydork and Triviagirl are featured.

The above blurb was taken the Fox News Channel website.

As listeners, readers, and viewers of The Alex Jones Show and, many of you have heard Alex speak of his appearances on the Mancow radio show from time to time, as well as an in studio when Alex and the Infowars crew were at the Chicago 9/11 Conference. Mancow is known for over the top, in your face radio, so when the opportunity arose for a new series on Fox, he immediately thought of Alex for the pilot episode.

This is where I come in, due to family commitments Alex was unable to attend the filming in NYC, so he asked me to help the producers find a suitable replacement. The set-up was this; debate the merits of 9/11 being an inside job against a disabled and dying member of the New York Fire Department, named Brian Harvey.

Not exactly the most inviting of scenarios, but I did my best to give them the best possible person to debate Mr. Harvey. I offered William Rodriquez, Kevin Ryan, Prof. Steven Jones, etc., none of which they wanted. I told the producers “I know what you’re trying to do”; “you don’t want other victims or degreed experts, you want some sort of low-brow shouting match”. I related to Mancow’s people that I didn’t feel right putting our friends into this situation, that’s when they said, “how about you? You know the topic, you’ve got a bit of an edge to you, what do you think?” I told them that it was up to Alex, so the next morning Alex agreed and the following day I was on my way to the Big Apple.

My plan was to show-up with dying 9/11 hero Major Mike McCormack from Homeland Security’s Disaster Relief Command, as you might remember Mike was the gentleman who spoke at Community Church in NYC on September 9, 2006, and subsequently SWAT teamed on Tuesday September 12, 2006. Unfortunately Mike’s health is deteriorating so rapidly that he was unable to leave his oxygen machine that day.

The driver picked me up from the hotel and delivered me to a Fox production studio at noon for make-up, they actually used an airbrush to lay down a couple of coats. The first segment taped was a piece on William Shatner, although he wasn’t there. So the first actual segment to be filmed was of NYFD Brian Harvey vs. me. Since this was the first episode, they we’re trying many different shooting angles, intros, and outros. But it became quickly apparent that they weren’t getting what they wanted out of me. I started out with my best Alex Jones styled rant looking right into the same camera that Mancow was reading the teleprompter from, after I laid out the inside job facts in bullet point fashion, came the first of many in the next hour and a half, “CUT”.

They then asked Mancow to put on a headset and talk to the control room, and later actually leaving the set altogether to discuss how to best to get me. Each time Mancow did the lead-in he did the same thing over and over again, when it came time to introduce me he would swallow, roll his eyes, and make a comment about the ‘grassy knoll’, the fact that I had to hear myself being mocked and knew it was coming each time did start to bother me. We went through many different scenarios on how the questions were posed to each of us, and of course I dominated the debate and wouldn’t follow Mancow down his rabbit holes. The solution was to ask Mr. Harvey the leading questions and then have me respond to him. The order of taping was disjointed, filming the closing comments before middle segments, filming the intro over and over again. For example, after my first scene when I looked directly into the camera and started the info-drive-by, I was stopped. Then it was decided that I should look at Mancow and direct my comments towards him, due to the fact that Mancow was a foot away from me, it made it a little harder to keep up the intensity, it would’ve looked like I was a crazy person yelling in his face. The next tactic was the most successful, I was to look into the eyes of this misguided brave fireman and read him the riot act, and this would be the clip I’d expect them to use.

During the interview while Mancow was attempting to put words in my mouth, he started saying “so Hillary huh, standing on the grassy knoll”, I just gave him a blank look and said “who said anything about Hillary”, I said “if you want to know about Hillary, why don’t you ask Roger Ailes or Rupert Murdoch they eat dinner with her every week”, then came the expected “CUT”. At one point when Mancow was asking Mr. Harvey “if he had it all to do it over again, would he”, that’s when I jumped in and said “of course he would, he’s a hero, he’s a fireman, he was a hero before 9/11, that’s why we love firemen and are trying to get them treatment”. This is the way it went for over an hour, I was told the segment would be between 6 and 8 minutes, the last event of note was Mancow telling Mr. Harvey to look into my eyes and tell me I’m crazy! He wouldn’t do it! He said “look he’s very passionate about what he believes and I don’t agree with him, but I don’t think he’s crazy”.

After we we’re done taping, back in the green room, I had a chance to speak calmly to Brian. Before we parted company, I gave him ‘TerrorStorm’ and ‘9/11 Mysteries: Part 1 Demolitions. I also gave him contact information for other victims of 9/11 who live in the area, so that when the truth hits him square in the face, he’ll have the support that he needs.

I only hope that through the magic of editing, I didn’t do anything to harm the 9/11 truth movement, at best we we’re able to get the websites more attention, at worst it might be similar to the Southpark 9/11 episode where we debate whether the beating we took was worth it, just to get some of our evidence out to a new audience.





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