VIDEO: Infowars' Kevin Smith On Fox News "Mancow" Show

Paul Joseph Watson
Sunday, November 19, 2006

Segment from Fox News' pilot "Mancow" show in which Infowars' Kevin Smith debates a ground zero fireman on the 9/11 inside job. Despite a deliberate attempt to ridicule and distract Kevin, most viewers felt he did a stand up job in exposing 9/11 truth under difficult circumstances.

Notice how, according to Kevin, they had to shoot multiple takes for over an hour and yet the producers and Mancow chose to leave in the one take where Kevin makes a slight verbal slip-up and jokingly says "cut." Would the scene have been re-shot if the fireman had encountered a similar tongue twister?

Mancow and Fox News have to cover 9/11, they are forced into doing so because due to our work and the efforts of others - 9/11 truth is part of the cultural zeitgeist whether they like it or not.

In the end it doesn't really matter that this was a hit piece because the sheep - regular Fox News Bush bootlickers - who will never take a look at the evidence don't count, they are not in the game. Those still sitting on the fence who research 9/11 as a result of seeing this show will doubtless come to same conclusions as we have, and for that we thank Mancow and Fox News for helping us reach more people!

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