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Are Enron Bankers/Witnesses Being Murdered?
With the latest revelation that a body discovered in North-east London is that of a banker intimately connected with the Enron fraud case, one has to begin to ask why are there so many "unexplained" deaths linked to this case?
UPDATE: Danish article on WTC 7 altered after Prisonplanet exposure
After publication of this article the Danish report was altered. Where it had read "The 52 floor skyscraper World Trade Center nr. 7 was so badly damaged from the terror attack in 2001, that it had to be destroyed." it was "corrected" to read "The 52 floor skyscraper World Trade Center nr. 7 was the third skyscraper to collapse after the terror attack in 2001".
FBI Withholding 84 More Tapes of Pentagon on 9-11
The FBI is withholding at least another 84 surveillance tapes that were seized in the immediate aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon. There is an ongoing lawsuit to get these tapes released via the Freedom of Information Act.
The Delusional World of Neocon Make-Believe
Laura Bush's latest comments reveal just how deluded and out of the reality loop the Neocon puppets are.
7-7 Reports You will lose your privacy but next attacks can't be prevented
Official report reveals multiple "failures", raises many questions, calls for heavier police presence in public but Government still will not allow a public inquiry and tells us they can't prevent next attack.
Powerful Immigration Billboards To Address What Government Will Not
A Billboard located on Stemmons Freeway in Dallas has been erected by action group in an attempt to alert people to the literal invasion of illegal aliens into the Southern US states.
Hillary Clinton Who's Party?
Rupert Murdoch, the conservative media mogul whose New York Post tabloid savaged Hillary Clinton’s initial aspirations to become a US senator for New York, has agreed to host a political fundraiser for her re-election campaign, reports the Financial Times.
Next CIA Head Backed Spying on Citizens, Doesn't Understand 4th Amendment
The nomination of Negroponte's right hand man to head the CIA signifies a further crackdown on civil liberties and the forging ahead of the semi-secret Total Information Awareness Program.
I am Not a Number I am a Free Man
British TV channel Sky One today confirmed plans for a big budget remake of cult 1960s classic The Prisoner, with former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston expected to take the lead role.
The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet
In the space of a few months debate has gone from "pressure on internet service providers" to make available user records to calls for all out mandatory ISP snooping on all US citizens.
Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison
When is a national ID card not a national ID card? That's correct my Orwellian students, its when your leader says its a "biometric access card".
Still Ridiculing People Who Talk About Forced Microchip Implants?
For over a decade now Alex Jones and others have been warning that the event of enforced microchipping of humans for tracking and security purposes is upon us.
National Director of Minutemen Calls Southern Border Warzone
Garza, a Vietnam Marines Corps Veteran, warned that the next step in the racist agenda of so called "La Reconquista", promoted by groups such as Atzlan, MEChA and La Raza, is to turn to violence.
God Bless Neil Young
But why does it take a 60 year old Canadian musician to generate political activism in America? What is wrong with the youth of today? Is this indicative of the fact that kids today do not even understand what freedom is supposed to be?
Database State: The UK's Electronic Prison - Part Two
The gathering and holding of information has permeated into every facet of life in Great Britain and no one batters an eyelid. It's time to reveal what's really going to happen in the UK.
Database State: The UK's Electronic Prison - Part One
The UK has lapsed into a database surveillance state, an electronic prison where every aspect of the lives of its citizens is determined by the control and flow of personal information between companies and government departments.
China: New World Order Litmus Test
We have long documented how China is the New World Order Blueprint for a controlled Police State Surveillance Dictatorship. The elite have even admitted, in their own documents, how they wish to emulate the chinese model and apply it in the Anglo-American Western block.
UK Police State, Surveillance Society Out Of Control
A new poster has been plastered around London over the past few months to remind us that Big Brother is watching in order to keep us all safe. The poster headline reads simply "Watching over you 24/7" and features giant eyes set into the landscape of the Houses of Parliament in London.
Professor's "Kill 90% of Population" Comments Echo UN, Elite NGO policies
Dr. Eric R. Pianka gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science last month in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne ebola virus.
Another Prominant Military Figure Denounces NeoCons, Iraq, War on Terror
Delta Force founder joins ranks who say there is no real threat to the US and war is based on lies.
London Guardian bashes Sheen
The London Guardian today became the latest mainstream outlet to attack Charlie Sheen on matters unrelated to his comments this week.
The Most Powerful Weapon In The World
"In a world where the perception is the reality, all countries need to have the capability to manage their own perceptual alignment – otherwise someone else will. We live in a global village, which is reliant on communication and perception. Every country needs the tools to be part of that game."
Government: Neither By the People Nor For the People
A spate of different opinion polls within the last few months or so has revealed that on almost every major issue the people of the United States and the people of Britain, in the majority are directly opposed to the actions of their governments.
The Bill of No Rights
Anyone who dares to speak out against or protest the actions of our Governments is considered to be a criminal and is arrested and silenced.
Meet the world's most dangerous terrorists
The release of the names and backgrounds of the Guantanamo inmates has revealed what we knew all along, the world's "most dangerous terrorists" are nothing of the sort, they are poor farmers and the like who have simply been grabbed and stuck in cages and publicly tortured for the past four years.
How about a criminal Investigation into the exploitation of Tillman's death?
The truth is that a real criminal investigation will never be conducted because it would reveal once again that the criminals behind Tillman's death and the hideous propaganda circus that followed are our Neo-Con rulers.
Celebrity castigations a microcosm of the broader attack on freedom
There has recently been a spate of reports concerning the castigation and investigation of various celebrities who have voiced a political opinion that is critical of the government, the "war on terror" or the war in Iraq.
Biometrics, ID cards, tagging, DNA kits being pushed on kids
A Reader has alerted us to the following website and stalls all around the country that are actively pushing biometrics, ID cards and "do it yourself" DNA kits on children.
Cheney shooting: A multi-layered, staged managed distraction
The multiple delays in releasing certain information to the media, and the too-obvious inconsistencies and easily visible cover ups within the entire tale smack of a staged managed government propaganda operation.
Authoritarian Rule Britannia
Britain is currently teetering on the brink of a huge political shift. As far as the Blair era has gone in transforming this country into a paranoid, uncommunicative, culturally starved, spin controlled Orwellian style authoritarian state, things are about to be taken to a whole new level.
Leaked MI5 London Bombing report may be disinfo
We have tirelessly exposed the inconsistencies and unreported facts surrounding the July London Bombings, this weekend saw a few more emerge.
Getting the kids used to the cashless society
Mastercard is to introduce credit cards directly aimed at children, encouraging them to go into debt and consume products without the use of cash.
UK ID cards defeated yet still going ahead
If you read into the situation you will discover that in actual fact the scheme will still go ahead.
Latest Bin Laden Tape Another of the NeoCons' Greatest Hits
The NeoCon use of Osama Bin Laden as a tool of fear and control is a tried and tested method.
Pre-crime and proactive policing
It is now the norm to consider everybody equally likely to be guilty of something than innocent.
New Body Screeners in use in London We are living in a dystopian nightmare
Witness The "Panopticon" mass surveillance prison in operation.
Why have both the US and the UK have given Iran the materials it needs to go nuclear
Both the US and the UK have supplied Iran with the materials and the know how in order that they may build the bomb.
New Stasi style UK Anti-Terror campaign encourages reporting your neighbours
The latest anti-terror advertising campaign by the London Metropolitan Police encourages the residents of London to actively spy on and report anybody, including their own neighbours, should they suspect them to be behaving in a suspicious way.

AOL: A good company or a bad company?
The new advertising campaign from AOL encourages us to "debate" whether the internet is a good thing or a bad thing, whilst flashing up images of eyes being scanned, surveillance cameras, Orwell's 1984, nuclear explosions, Osama Bin Laden and the Nazis.

2005: Year in Review
A look back at some of the significant events and issues in 2005 reveals just how much farther the elite globalist police state has progressed in a short space of time.
7/7 Final Final Word: British Intelligence Inside Operation
With the major stories of torture/rendition and spying on US citizens, one important revelation has slipped away virtually unnoticed - the fact that the Blair Government and the British Intelligence services had prior knowledge of the London bombings on July 7th of this year.
Government Spying On Citizens Is Not New
The intention is to make Bush look strong by telling the general public that although it has pained him very much, he has had to instigate such programs and sacrifice liberty for security.
Actor Dean Haglund On the CIA, Hollywood and 9/11
It is common knowledge in Hollywood that if you want access to military bases and military technology and hardware, as a movie producer you have to bend over backwards to the Pentagon and allow them majority control in scriptwriting.
Martial Law No Longer On The Horizon: It's Already Here - Part Two
Along with militarized Federal police roaming around in public nationwide, moves are afoot by the Pentagon to track and trace American citizens whom they deem to be 'Suspicious'. This once again highlights that America has already moved into a martial law situation.
Martial Law No Longer On The Horizon: It's Already Here - Part One
The latter half of this year has seen a significant shift. For a long time we have been reporting that Martial Law is coming to America. We do not believe this to be the case anymore. Unfortunately this is because IT HAS ARRIVED.
Ignore the tired cliché of "Idiot America"
The ignorance is angering and frightening. Watch as the reporter in this piece asks ridiculous questions about Iraq and gets back real Americans' opinions.
It’s About A Lot More Than A "Goddamned Piece of Paper"
This is just the latest remark in a long history of arrogant Neocon speak to highlight the fact that they have no respect for America or its population. The fact that Bush's remarks were so off the cuff yet viciously delivered reminds us of how and why the Neoconservative clan garnered the nickname 'the crazies' by more moderate policy makers under the first Bush presidency.
Patriot Act Use Against US Citizens Extended
Despite the fact that Resolutions have been passed denouncing the Patriot Act in over 380 communities in 43 states including seven state-wide resolutions, it is to be extended.
Now We Should Go To Jail For Sharing Our Favourite Song LYRICS
MPA president Lauren Keiser said that not only should sites carrying song tabs and lyrics be shut down but also suggested authorities should "throw in some jail time, I think we'll be a little more effective".
The Post 9/11 Saturation Of Our Culture In Torture
The fact that we are even having to face the question of whether torture is a consideration of any modern civilized State is mind-blowing in itself. Even the most heinous of bloodthirsty empires throughout history have dismissed the use of and even outlawed torture.
Bush Illegal Immigration "Tough Talk": Smoke and Mirrors
With President Bush "talking tough on immigration" and strutting around border towns last week bleating on about how securing the borders is key to Homeland security, you have to ask the question why are his policies on illegal immigration all geared towards allowing more of it?
Globalist Left Arm Gives Thumbs Up To War
Within the past two days Leading Democrats have all stated their support for the war in Iraq, once again highlighting how we must see beyond the false left / right paradigm and make it known to others that the Republicans and the Democrats are left and right arms used for the same agenda by the elite policy makers.
Kids Being Conditioned To Big Brother and Police State
When Kids are not at home (playing computer games depicting apocalyptic visions of America after the year 2008 where terror attacks carried out by anti-government militias force the European Union to send in an occupying armies which they must control to take out American citizens who resist) they are in school learning how to accept the Big Brother police state.
Troops Involved In Naked Ritual Abuse (And that's before they even leave the country)
The Ministry Of Defence has described these events captured on film last May as "a bit of fun that got out of hand". Where have we heard that before? Were they "just letting off steam" as Rush Limbaugh would say?
Padilla Case Further Reveals Fallacy Of Al Qaeda And US War On Terror
The London Guardian is today reporting that the Bush administration decided not to charge Jose Padilla with planning to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in a US city because the evidence against him was extracted using torture on members of Al Qaeda.
UK 24 Hour Drinking Laws: Pouring Gasoline On A Raging Fire
Round-the-clock drinking in England and Wales is now a reality after new licensing laws came in force.
More than 1,000 pubs, clubs and supermarkets have been granted 24-hour licences to sell alcohol, according to government figures. Up to 70, 000 establishments may follow suit.
The Staged Terror Is Set (For War With Iran)
The latest globalist mouthpiece to jump on the Iran nuke threat bandwagon is Newt Gingrich. A regular attendee of the annual Summer camp at the Bohemian Grove, and long term CFR member, Gingrich has commented that the Iran threat is like that of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
Killing Two Birds With One Tamiflu Stone
As the Government ratchets up the fear over a global outbreak of Bird Flu, and the public scrambles to buy up stocks of antivirals, we have continued to expose how these scare tactics are being used to set dangerous precedents for future government control of our lives.
The State Thrives On Hate, Genocide and Racism
Dr. Kamau Kambon. a Raleigh, N.C., activist, book store owner, and former professor at North Carolina State University recently advocated the "extermination of white people" while speaking at a Pro-black Media Forum at Howard Law School, in an event that was covered in its entirety by C-SPAN.
Latest footage of London Bomber: More evidence of a frame up
These revelations are yet more evidence to suggest that the so called "suicide bombers" had little or no idea that they were going to die on 7/7.
Hate Crime Laws: Criminalizing Free Speech
The bill is so dangerous because as ever it hands over more power to the federal government and effectively brings local law enforcement agencies under it's control. Allowing a centralized power structure to determine what is and what isn't "hate speech" or a "hate crime" is akin to tin-pot dictatorship.
Bush Melt Down: So What's New?
With reports surfacing that Lord Bush is on the edge of some kind of melt down surrounding the indictments story and pressure over Iraq, we ask What's new about that? Bush has been "on the edge" all his life, that is precisely why his globalist NeoCon handlers have had him elevated to the position of President, he is malleable, compromised and easily removable should the need arise.
Indictment Is Easy Way Out For Bush Officials
Should Bush Administration Officials be indicted and forced to resign over the Plame case in the coming weeks, the left will undoubtedly declare a major victory for justice and truth. We say that should this happen the truth will consequently be buried and injustice will once again prevail.
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