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General States Plane Did not Hit Pentagon
9/11 was an inside job, with many false and vicous things happening that day. Here we have a Retired General stating a plane did not hit the pentagon.
Cynthia McKinney Speech
An extraordinary speech presented by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from the Alex Jones film "Matrix of Evil." Included is a clip of Mario Savio's fiery, "gears of the machine" speech he delivered at Berkeley.
Watch Israeli Military Bombing Footage…
Leaked footage.
Aids HIV Bayer
This clip from Scarborough Country highlights how Bayer knowingly dumped medicine that was proven to be contaminated with AIDS virus on the European market after it killed people in America.
9-11 WTC Squibs
This video compilation with accompanying music catalogues the numerous instances where "squibs" - evidence that incendiary devices were used to bring down the twin towers were caught on film.
Lou Dobbs on the North American Union
CNN Show Host Lou Dobbs brings us a segment on the Bush adminstration's traitorous set-up of the North American Union.
Q & A After the Alex Jones speech in L.A
Filmed by an attendee - Alex Jones hosts a Q and A session at the 9/11 conference In Los Angeles.
James Fetzer- 911 Panel Discussion Los Angeles
This one of James Fetzer's segments during the 911 panel discussion at the face the facts conference held June 24th & 25th in Los Angeles.
Terrorstorm Trailer
Alex Jones presents his newest and most powerful film to date.
Investigation Into The Death Of David Kelly
British LibDem MP Norman Baker is now two months into a private, year-long investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly, the scientist who found himself under siege after apparently accusing the government of ‘sexing up’ the case for war to a BBC journalist.
CNN's Anderson Cooper: Are Sears Tower Terrorists Patsies
Seven retards - did they really have a chance of 'installing an Islamic government in the US?'
Bush poll numbers sink after Supreme Court rebuke
President Bush's approval has slipped from 37% to 35% in the last month.
911 Case Study Pentagon Flight 77
A short animation with video and photos illustrating the final moments of Flight 77 on September 11, 2001.
The Colbert Report The NY Times want you and your family dead!
Colbert takes on the fury that the right wing has unleashed over Bill Keller and the NY Times. He sums up the story quite easily.
Bush to reporter on Gitmo 'I'm sorry you had to waste your question'
President George W. Bush and reporters sparred over the future of Guantanamo Bay inmates after a Supreme Court ruling that current tribunals are illegal.
Rumsfield on the Daily Show
Rumsfield blames his age for not knowing the questions on the Daily Show.
Bush Breaking The Law
Is the law of the land in the United States defined by the American Constitution or by George W. Bush and his cronies? Do signing statements, executive orders, warrantless secret searches and fake news indicate Bush is above the law - or breaking the law?
Video Rice, Russian diplomat argue 'in private'
Audio of a closed lunch meeting between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was accidentally broadcast revealing a disagreement about Iraq Security.
The Colbert Report - The Long War
Stephen Colbert helps us understand the Long War!
Charlie Sheen at the 9-11 L.A. Conference
Actor and activist Charlie Sheen appeared this past weekend at the American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda event in downtown Los Angeles to introduce a presentation by filmmaker and radio personality Alex Jones.
TDS The Miami Seven
Jon Stewart takes a look at the case known to many as "The Miami Seven." He examines the careful and decisive evidence told to us by Alberto Gonzales.
Jon Stewart Grills Anderson Cooper: When Is CNN's "Sense Of Mission"... "Going To Show On Air?"
Anderson Cooper on the Daily Show, June 21, 2006.
Santorum debunked over WMD's by FOX NEWS
Santorum showed up to do his thing with Peter Hoekstra on H&C and it took one phone call by Jim Angle of FOX News to debunk Santorum's WMD claims today.
Ralph Schoenman The Category of Terror
Excerpt from a Ralph Schoenman talk, "911 and Other False Flag Operations of the Terror State."
Tim Russert Interviewed by Jack Blood
Jack Blood, host of Deadline Live on the GCN radio network interviewed Meet the Press host Tim Russert last week.
May 17, 2006 Alex Jones' Infowars
Feverish rant by Alex Jones on where he stands in his fight, what he feels and how he connects with history and fights against evil powers.
Bush and those pesky shades
The point of this post is not that Bush intentionally taunted a blind man, but that his insistence on clowning with the press is undignified and highly inappropriate--Bush to a man in a wheelchair: "You look mighty comfortable"...
Stewart Perfume those turds...
Ken Mehlman stepped onto the set of The Daily Show last night and was so easily carved up by Stewart that you could see Jon was holding back..
Alex Jones' Infowars
Alex discusses the border situation and Bush's annoucement that national guard troops will be used. Also covered is the secret CNN agenda to shop for guests to attack Charlie Sheen on 9/11 issues and the debate on whether the Pentagon Flight 77 is a honey pot trap.
Alex Jones Bullhorns Bilderberg Group
Alex Jones traveled to Canada this weekend to document the Conference of the secretive Bilderberg group. He took the opportunity to make himself heard once more.
Bilderberg Group: James Wolfensohn
Alex Jones in Ottawa, Canada to cover this year's meeting of the infamous Bilderberg Group and captures the entrance of none other than James Wolfensohn, the 9th President of the World Bank .
Alex Jones' Keynote Speech at the Chicago 9-11 Truth Conference
Here we present Alex Jones' hour long keynote speech from this weekend's Chicago 9/11truth conference. Alex analyses the history of government sponsored terror through the ages and brings it right up to the modern day and offers means of defeating global tyranny.
Alex Jones Bull Horns for 9-11 Truth in Downtown Chicago
Syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones joined countless other members of the 9/11 Truth Movement for an incredible conference in Chicago June 2-4. Part of the conference involved a march from the conference venue to Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago where Jones broadcast his warning against state-sponsered terrorism through an iconic bullhorn to a gathering crowd.
Alex Jones & Greg Palast On 9-11 & The Bush Crime Family
This is the raw footage from Alex Jones' interview with Greg Palast, an edited version of which appears on Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State. Palast discusses the underlying strategy of the Neo-Cons, the history of the Bush crime family and how the war drive is being used for domestic control.
On CNN, congressman accuses Pentagon of trying to cover up Iraq massacre
Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA) today accused the Pentagon of covering up the alleged murder of 24 civilians in Haditha, Iraq on CNN's Situation Room. A brief excerpt of the transcript follows; click to watch the video.
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