DoJ Suddenly Decides to Investigate Domestic Spying

Crooks And Liars
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When The Cafferty File starts off with Jack saying "the following story comes from the land of make believe or believe-it-or-not", you know what follows is going to be ridiculous and todays 4 o'clock question was no exception. The Department of Justice has suddenly decided (surprise surprise) to investigate the legality of the controversial NSA domestic spying program. Jack surmises that it may have something to do with the incoming Democratic majority — led by Judiciary Chairman Sen. Pat Leahy — which is sure to ask the tough question the GOP has avoided. Gee, ya think?

You have to wonder where the DoJ's priorities lie when they decide to investigate the leak that disclosed the program 11 months before they investigate the actuality legality of it.




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