Ron Paul's Meteoric Rise
Web rankings prove Ron Paul is attracting more and more attention while every other candidate is flat

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Saturday November 3, 2007


A cursory analysis of Ron Paul's web rankings on Alexa proves that his presidential campaign is soaring while all his nearest rivals are no longer attracting any new visitors and are languishing in the congressmen's wake.

The following graph (click for enlargement) compares Ron Paul's ranking (in blue) with that of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani:

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Ron Paul's website is currently ranked at 13,494 and has risen 9,247 within the last 3 months, a rise of 81%.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton's site is ranked at 35,143, a drop of over 12,000 in the last three months, with giuliani way down at 121,745.

Ron Paul's online popularity is also reflected in the straw polls and the debate polls he has won.

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