PC World: Deluge of spam may have been sent by someone trying to make Ron Paul look bad by associating him with spamming

PC World
Monday November 5, 2007

Spam supporting presidential hopeful Ron Paul filled inboxes this week as zombie computers spewed thousands of messages to recipients, according to spam experts. The spam supporting Paul was sent using the same illegal spam methods used to distribute masculinity enhancement products and pump-and-dump penny stock schemes.

Experts suggest getting used to it. They expect that during this election cycle things are going to get ugly as campaigns, spammers, unruly supporters, and even rival camps use blogs, inboxes, YouTube videos, and search engines to spam the vote.

In this case, theRon Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committeevigorously denies sending the spam, approving its distribution, or having any ties to its senders. Security experts analyzing the deluge agree the official organization is likely not the source.

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Or, as everyone discussing the deluge noted, the spam may have been sent by someone trying to make Paul look bad by associating him with spamming.

"It's a tactic that we've seen many times in the past," says Sam Masiello, director of threat management at e-mail security firmMX Logic. "We just didn't expect to see it start happening so early this year."

Security experts contacted report seeing this week waves of identical spam that supports candidate Paul. In each instance, the spamwas sent using a botnet, which is a network of hijacked consumer or commercial PCs that are often used surreptitiously by hackers to send spam.

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