NFL Star Considered 9/11 a False Flag From Day One
Super Bowl winner and former Dallas Cowboys ace Stepnoski goes further during radio interview

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, November 8, 2007


Former Dallas Cowboys Super-Bowl winner and five time Pro Bowler Mark Stepnoski said in a radio interview yesterday that anybody who still believes the official story of 9/11 is either incredibly naive or in complete denial, as he revealed how he considered the event to be a possible false flag operation on the very day it happened.

Stepnoski went public in an interview with the Pennsylvania based Erie-Times newspaper on Sunday, but during an interview on The Alex Jones Show he went further and revealed that his questions about 9/11 began on the very day of the attacks.

"I just remember at the time thinking to myself - is this really a terrorist attack on us by a foreign nation or is this a false flag operation being conducted by our government," said Stepnoski, adding that he had carefully studied the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and the Oklahoma City bombing, which led him to immediately doubt the official story.

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"I noticed there were a lot of parallels between 9/11 and that event (Oklahoma City bombing), bombs being found in the building, scientists coming out and saying that an ammonium nitrate bomb could never cause that much damage," said the former NFL star.

"Studying that time period, the Vietnam war, Watergate, all these things that signified cover-up by the government - as time moves on you become more and more aware as a citizen that secrecy is the rule of the day with our government and any time anything revelatory comes to light regarding nefarious activities of our government it's immediately discredited and hushed up," said Stepnoski, praising the role of the alternative media for providing true sources of information that can't be sanitized.

Stepnoski said there were too many instances of foreknowledge regarding 9/11 to be discounted, citing how public officials got warnings not to fly on the eve of the attacks.

"When you think about the similarities to the Oklahoma City bombing, that day the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agents who were employed in that building didn't show up for work - the same way that John Ashcroft got a tip not to fly commercially before 11, the same way Willie Brown got a tip not to fly beforehand," said Stepnoski.

"When you listen to the transcripts of the air traffic controllers on the day of 9/11, the first words out of their mouth was 'is this live or is this an exercise'" said Stepnoski, referring to the multiple exercises that were taking place that dovetailed 9/11 on that very morning.

"Once people become familiar with the protocol that exists, it's readily apparent that the protocol was broken on that day and the events that happened on that day, the way they transpired, that is not commonplace," said Stepnoski, citing NORAD's lack of response in intercepting the errant aircraft.

"It just goes without saying - it was an anomaly, things were purposefully altered that day," he said.

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The former Super Bowl champion then discussed the geopolitical maneuverings that preceded 9/11 and gave the Neo-Cons the pretext to launch the attack.

"Our military is now used basically as an instrument to secure and protect oil supplies because that is the lifeblood of our economy," said Stepnoski, adding, "Sixty per cent of the recoverable oil in the world is in the middle east - it's in a piece of land roughly the size of Texas, and that's why I believe Dick Cheney, even though he was subpoenaed several times, he would not release the records from his energy task force in 2001 because that's exactly what was discussed in that meeting."

Stepnoski discussed what he termed the "threshold concept," where people arrive at a point where they had gathered enough information to make the leap beyond the parameters of thinking that have been set for them by the consensus.

"When you look at the information that's out there and the credibility of the sources - anybody now who still believes the official story of 9/11 is either incredibly naive or is exhibiting complete and total denial," said Stepnoski.

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