Endgame Soars to Number 3 On Amazon Charts

Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After our push to vault Endgame up the Amazon rankings in order to expose the vital information contained on the DVD to new people, Endgame is now sitting pretty at number three on the most popular documentaries list.

Endgame is now outselling the likes of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, and Michael Moore's Sicko.

The DVD is also surging up in the general category rankings and our aim is to push it right to the top in order to expose the information to new people who browse the bestseller lists.

Please buy a copy of Endgame at a heavily discounted price from Amazon, or buy several and give them as gifts for Christmas.

We barely make anything from heavily promoting Amazon sales at knock-down prices but our mission is to spread the message to as many new people as possible and help wake up America and the world to the Globalist's master plan.

Click here to buy the DVD from Amazon.

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