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Monday November 19, 2007

On November 5 I attended a lecture by former Mexican President Vicente Fox at the FM Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. The President was hosted by Wilkes University as part of that school’s “Outstanding Leader’s Forum;” the selection of President Fox however did not quite complement the prodigious title of the lecture series.

The President's speech was much more a piece of vague rhetoric than a well prepared lecture. A general lack of detail plus a certain absence of reason describe the mood of the remarks. Regardless of his conspicuous shortcomings, Fox was met with much applause from a crowd of upper middle class fawners who couldn’t resist the chance to rub shoulders with local establishment personalities in the presence of a foreign former head of state. I even saw one man who capitalized on the evening as an opportunity to wear a Mexican flag lapel pin. To be sincere, the entire scene made an aspect of my dignity cringe.

The audience’s attitude of affected attention and interest at least served as an effective setting for President Fox’s speech, in which Fox detailed his vision of North America’s future.

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Without naming any benefits for the United States, Fox stated that NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) has worked well for America, although, according to the Economic Policy Institute, NAFTA has cost America over a million jobs - a statistic Fox failed to mention.

Moreover Fox stated that NAFTA must be “expanded” along the model of the European Union. This statement did receive ignorant approval from the audience at the point when Fox’s diction and tone demanded; however, it was soon forgotten though it admits a serious threat to American sovereignty: the fact that a North American Union is a prospect so realistic that it is admitted and proposed by a former head of state.

Fox addressed any concerns that an EU like North American Union would threaten American sovereignty by stating that, for example, French culture still exists under the European Union. Sadly though Fox and his audience missed the point that America is not like France, its identity is inherent to its middle class culture and individualism. Americana was the product of national identity, a strong middle class, and good employment, not the international bureaucracy, tri-national integration, and post industrialism that Fox lauds.

After Fox fielded some prearranged soft ball questions that had been filtered through Wilkes University staff I confronted him at the stage where some "fans" were getting pictures taken. “President,” I said with feigned enthusiasm “when ideally will we have a North American Union Parliament?” Fox seemed to be pleased by the question and said that a North American Union Parliament realistically could be achieved within fifty years, as fifty years is how long the development of a European Union parliament took.

To me the president’s response is a bit of a shibboleth as it does confirm that a North American Union parliament is indeed a long term goal of the internationalist movement.

Then I asked Fox what his opinion is of the Bilderberg Group. Fox’s smile soon left his face and he asked “the what?” “The Bilderberg Group,” I said. My clarification had no impact. In fact Fox said that he had never heard of the Bilderberg Group, which might be true as, I believe, a Mexican official has never attended one of the group’s secret conferences.

I then commented that in the Council on Foreign Relation’s Plan “Building a North American Community” the Bilderberg Group is cited as a role model for round table groups dedicated to creating a North American Community.

Fox appeared agitated and nervous, perhaps because he actually never did hear of the Bidlerberg Group, and stated in a determined and prompt voice that “Questions are over.” The situation didn’t seem like one that called for agitation and so I left the building leaving Fox still surrounded by autograph seekers and men in Mexican flag lapel pins, with whom I hope he at least found some comfort.

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