Philly 9/11 Truth Confronts John McCain on Popular Mechanics Endorsement & Terrorism Financing

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Monday November 26, 2007

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Presidential hopeful John McCain held a “town hall meeting” in Philadelphia last week at the University of Penn ... all » hornswoggling youthful minds with fear-based propaganda. Over 900 students packed Penn’s Zellerbach theatre to hear the Republican candidate and to ask qeuestions. Former 9-11 commissioner John Lehman and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman sat in solidarity while McCain delivered chilling warnings about “Islamo-fascism”, global warming, and the Iraq war joined Senator McCain.

Phony liberals and aspiring neocons dominated the forum with softball questions and inquiries based on false paradigmatic information. Only a handful of a dozen and a half questioned posed were of a challenging nature. Fortunately Philly 9/11 Truth members Nicholas and Philip Figueirido were able to interpose significant questions to disrupt the monotony of the session. Nick challenged the senator’s endorsement of the Popular Mechanics issue “Debunking 9/11 Myths” elucidating the omissions of Sibel Edmonds and other whistleblowers from the 9/11 Commission Report. Audience members jeered and shrilled in favor of smothering the dissenting voice. A follow up blow from Phil called into question the combat veteran’s support for the war on terror citing evidence of the U.S. financing terrorist groups in the Middle East. The woeful ignorance of the crowd allowed McCain to slip away from the question and subvert it into a grandstand movement about his “anti-torture stance.”

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