Hollywood Goes Big On Endgame Zeitgeist
Are rash of recent movies about humanity's imminent eradication a warning, a promise, or just a reflection of our own fears?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hollywood is obsessed with the idea that mankind is coming to an abrupt end and numerous movies which portray the short-term future of humanity as a dystopic nightmare abound - but is this a warning, a promise, or a reflection of the fears that have been pushed down our throats by the elite?

The current Zeitgeist - meaning the intellectual and cultural climate of an era - has been characterized by Hollywood with a rash of recent films about humanity's imminent eradication.

In I am Legend, Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a maverick scientist who has somehow managed to survive a plague that has wiped out the mass of humanity and turned the rest into a mutant zombie-like sub-species.

Neville's mission is to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood, while trying to stay alive and avoid the hordes of lurking nocturnal zombies.

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I Am Legend, a remake of the classic Charlton Heston movie The Omega Man, is just the latest blockbuster to use the specter of global population reduction as a template for society's dystopic and nightmarish future.

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In Children of Men (2006), the population of earth is dwindling across the globe as humanity faces its own extinction due to mass unexplained infertility. Set in 2027, the world's youngest citizen has just died aged 18 and society is falling apart as mass immigration and the death of morality combine to create a savage society ruled by a police state. Humanity's only hope lay in the miraculous pregnancy of a young woman who must be protected at all costs to ensure mankind's survival.

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2007's 28 Weeks Later, a sequel to 2002's 28 Days Later, follows the fortunes of the survivors of a virus that has wiped out large swathes of the population of Britain. London is under martial law as United States soldiers patrol the quarantine zones and slowly allow British citizens to return from abroad in an attempt to repopulate the area, but one of the refugees carries a terrible secret - the virus is back and it's deadlier than ever.

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Why is Hollywood obsessed with making movies about plagues and other medical catastrophes that threaten the very survival of the human race, while depicting the society's near future as a decaying nightmare?

Is art imitating life or will life imitate art in the not too distant future if those that seek global population reduction and unmitigated chaos have their way?

Endgame 1.5 trailer.

In Endgame, Alex Jones documented how there is a very real agenda to thin the human population by means of warfare, sterilization, environmental sabotage and genocide.

Endgame 1.5 goes further - showing that Hollywood's fascination with the dystopian destruction of humanity draws its influence not from science fiction - but from the actual stated goals of the elite to carry out brutal programs of population reduction.


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