We Are Change Ireland Attempts to Confront Bill Clinton

Kurt Nimmo
Wednesday November 28, 2007


Two members of We Are Change Ireland attempted to confront Bill Clinton, who visited their country on a fund-raising tour on behalf of his wife, selected by the elite to serve as our next ruler here in America.

“While Bill Clinton was in Ireland to Fundraise for Hillary and the continuation of the Bush/Clinton dynasty, We Are Change Ireland tried to confront him,” a blurb on YouTube explains. “Clinton didn’t get out of his vehicle and walk down the ‘runway’… but he got the message loud and clear that everybody is waking up to the New World Order jig.”

One of the two We Are Change Ireland activists yelled at Clinton, who was seated in the rear of a mini-van: “Investigate 9/11!” Clinton smiles and turned away as the vehicle moved past. It was obvious by the brief expression on Clinton’s face that he heard the demand.

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After the short event, one of the activists explained how he intended to ask Clinton about professor Carroll Quigley, the former president’s political mentor at Georgetown University in the 1960s. In his book, The Anglo-American Establishment, Quigley details how the elitist duopoly long ago hijacked the political process in the United States and thus decimated the political paradigm held by a majority of the public, who are naturally clueless.

In addition, the Irish activists wanted to ask Clinton about his appearance at a Bilderberg meeting in 1991, the year before he was elected.

Clinton, however, after a brief exchange with We Are Change Minnesota in late October, has probably had enough of the common folk asking impromptu questions.

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