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Bush aides deny Internet rumors he was wired

CNN | October 11 2004

Campaign aides to President Bush on Saturday laughed off rampant Internet speculation about whether the president was wired to get help from advisers during his first debate with Sen. John Kerry.

"It's not true. It's ridiculous," Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel said.

A still photo from television footage of Bush as he debated Kerry on September 30 in Coral Gables, Florida, appears to show a small, boxy shape between the president's shoulder blades.

Campaign officials declined to discuss it further because they weren't certain a bulge even existed and do not want to appear to take seriously what they consider a "wild accusation."

Bloggers and others began to muse on various Web sites that the bulge could have been a radio receiver that the president's aides could use to give him answers during the debate. One Web site,, is devoted solely to the matter.

"Some people have been spending too many hours looking at left-wing conspiracy Web sites," Stanzel said. "Did you hear the one about Elvis moderating the third debate?"


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