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Is Bush Wired? New Photo Analysis

Chris Clark | October 13 2004

Keep this text with this image, but spread it widely, put it on web sites, for all must know. The American press seems unwilling or afraid to report or investigate this story, as well as many other questionable issues of the Bush administration.

The American people must know about the probability that Bush was wired and therefore probably cheated during the first Presidential debate. If true, it speaks volumes of the character of this President. The person who put this image together used simple techniques with commercial software used by amateur as well as professional photographers the world over. This person encourages
others to reproduce the enhancements and to improve on them by using better quality video, and averaging more frames.

Get the story out and do not let it die. But remain anonymous. The Bush administration is arresting peaceful demonstrators and will apparently stop at nothing to stop the truth.

American Democracy is at stake. VOTE!


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