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Bush Exibits Strange Behaviour During Final Debate

Paul Joseph Watson | October 14 2004

I sat down to watch tonight's debate expecting a similar experience to the first debate which followed the same format. I expected both candidates to pull off the feat of appearing to have different stances on the same issue but still managing to lie about it.

The speculation beforehand was that Bush had utilised some kind of audio device through which he was given instructions in the previous debates.

No evidence of this emerged in the final debate but another thing caught my eye.

Either Bush had drunk three pots of coffee or he had done a few lines before walking out on stage.

This is not a facetious comment. Stories of Dubya's drug use have consistently emerged from credible sources.

In her book The Family, Kitty Kelley alleged that Bush even took cocaine at Camp David.

Just do a Google search on 'bush cocaine' and see how many links you get. Of the 200,000 plus filter out the obvious kook sites and see what you're left with.

As soon as the President walked out on stage he took on an almost messianic 'smiley' complexion which only waned towards the end of the 90 minute event. Whereas Kerry, when under verbal assault from Bush, has gone for the placid grin all along, this looked more like Bush had taken a cosmic voyage to tripout city.

His eyes were darting around all over the place and it appeared as though it strained him to look directly at the camera, unlike Kerry who spent most of his time talking directly into the lens.

Either his aides had learned from the first debate where split screen shots showed him scowling and frowning at anything Kerry said, or Bush was on something. I would rule the first explanation out on the basis that the second debate, in which many say Bush performed competently, he was neither seen scowling or artificially smiling. He maintained a consistent demeanour throughout. Therefore there'd be no reason for him to suddenly change tack and risk appearing plastic or phony.

At times Bush was even seen to laugh at nothing in particular. He was constantly out of breath and sounded like he'd just run a marathon.

When one ties this to Bush's past behaviour it raises questions as to whether the pressure is really starting to push him over the edge.


Go to C-Span to watch a tape of tonight's debate

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