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Transcript: Greg Palast on Widespread Election Fraud

The Alex Jones Show | October 28 2004

AJ: We have the BBC Newsnight reporter, best-selling author of “The Best Democracy Money can Buy,”, joining us. Greg, the Piccadilly Casino has got 69 to 31 in favor of Bush, and the odds 2 to 1. And Las Vegas has got similar odds. They haven’t been wrong very often. Do you think Lord Bush is going to be our next president, again?

GP: Well, not elected but he’ll take office. Here’s the good news. Last night, the lead story worldwide, except the United States, was a report I did for BBC television, showing that once again, they’ve got the fix is in. In this case, it looks like they’ve got something called caging lists. By they, I mean Jeb Bush and his brother and their team, have put together caging lists – thousands and thousands of voters in Florida, which is still going to be the main battleground. Florida will decide the presidency. And what they intend to do, we’ve discovered, is challenge thousands and thousands of voters and their right to vote.

AJ: That came out in the New York Times, months ago, that they’re having State Police go to old people’s houses and go “ Just making sure you’re not cheating.”

GP: Right, what they’re doing now is they did admit in Ohio that they are going to challenge voters but they have done so in advance so that a voter can say, “Well no, I have a right to vote.” They are screening this one. Or they were going to screen it until I outed them last night. They are going to spring it on the voters in Florida on election day. And Florida does not have – Jeb Bush has made sure that there simply aren’t enough polling stations.

AJ: And a federal judge has also said that there is no paper trail. How dare you ask for it.

GP: Yes. [garbled] You’ve got a reduced number of polling stations in Democratic and especially minority areas. They have actually cut the number of polling stations even though everyone agrees there is going to be the highest turnout…

AJ: And they are going to have the National Guard traipsing around with machine guns in front of it.

GP: I know what they are going to do – is they are going to challenge voters. Here’s what they’re doing - the Republican Party sent out letters to people. If they didn’t respond or if they got a letter back about a bad address or undeliverable, then they have to challenge voters and say, “You can’t vote.” Then the voter gets something called a provisional ballot. If you have trouble voting, then they are going to hand you a provisional ballot. You can just throw that sucker away. Those things are basically never opened. It’s not even like absentee ballots.

AJ: They’ve now admitted that in the past, they never even count the ballots from the troops coming in because, quote, “We always had enough before.”

GP: Let’s put it this way. On the list that they are challenging, I have this caging list from Jacksonville. Fifty of the names on there, their addresses are no longer current because they’ve been shipped out to Baghdad. These are black soldiers who have been sent overseas and therefore their address in Jacksonville is not current. Now, under the law, they can still vote their home address while they’re defending their nation, or supposedly defending our nation. But the Republican Party is going to be challenging troops overseas on the grounds that their addresses aren’t current, if they have a U.S. address. You know, so this is your war hero president.

AJ: So, what are we, yeah our cheerleader president. So, he’s a tough guy folks, he’s a cheerleader. I’m sorry to have to admit it…

GP: Yeah I know. Let me tell you what they’re doing. And the other thing I found is that what they’re doing is mis-registering people. Dig this one. You’ll love this one, Alex. Four thousand students were re-registered. They signed forms to decriminalize the use of marihuana for medical purposes. What they didn’t know is that they signed the back of registration forms. A couple of Republican Party operatives then filled out the front of the forms with their signatures on it, switched these people to the Republican Party. But most importantly, registered them at wrong addresses. And what that means, is if you are wrongly addressed or if you’re double registered, you lose your vote in both places. So you vote becomes disqualified. We only found this out because one of the people that they snagged in this scam was the daughter of the election supervisor in Tallahassee. He got a call from another election supervisor saying, “How come your daughter is registered down here in Orlando. I thought that she lived up in Tallahassee with you?”

AJ: So now they are not just counting on the fraudulent electronic machines; now they are engaging in retail, down at the grass roots, fraud. News 8 Austin is reporting, by the way, and I’ve had friends and family that this has happened to. You go in to vote. When you try to vote a straight Democratic ticket, it says click here. But in small print under that on another page that you’ve got to roll to, it says this is actually a straight vote for Bush-Cheney. And that’s in News 8 Austin and the Austin American Statesman and the Chronicle. What do you think of that?

GP: I am not surprised. They’re going to tell you it was all a glitch and a mistake, just like this Republican caging list challenging the votes. Can you imagine challenging the votes of soldiers, literally forging the signatures on registration forms, which is, by the way, a class 3 felony. And just so you know what, Jeb Bush’s law enforcement guys, his State cops, have said, “We don’t have time for the next couple of weeks to investigate this. So we are not going to investigate until after the election.”

AJ: Stay there Greg Palast. We have one more segment with you. We’ll be right back.


AJ: In Travis County, Austin, Texas, which Texas is already going with the globalists. But then there is all those local elections on the straight ticket. So if you try to vote Democrat, then when you hit confirm it acts as a straight ticket for Republicans. And they admit in the paper, they say, “voter oversight causing problems.” You try to challenge this then they say, “it’s your fault. You need to read the fine print.” It doesn’t matter this is set up for most people who are voting for the other party when they are trying to vote for another one. It’s just up to you to read the fine print. They do this a lot with ballot initiatives where a yes is a no and a no is yes. So it’s just getting more sophisticated. I’m non-partisan on this. I don’t like either candidate. But clearly the Republicans are robbing things nationwide. And in Florida, Greg Palast, the BBC, has had his people there on the ground. Greg, this looks like it’s dwarfing 2000. You told me during the break that Bush is in. You’re now saying he’s going to win via fraud. Tell us about it.

GP: Well, there is no question – we’re seeing them knocking off the military voters, knocking off black voters. These are the same guys who are supposed to be on this phony felony lists and they were supposed to put them back on. They’re still off. Now we’ve got a new one. Our BBC cameras caught guys in black cars with blacked-out windows with telephoto lenses filming all the voters going in and out of the African-American voting precincts. And we got one of these guys on camera. You know he says he is a professional, licensed PI. And you can imagine what this must cost.

AJ: So the government has hired private thugs.

GP: We know it’s private. It’s pretty clearly related to the Republican Party as a question of – the idea is voter intimidation. And what they want to do is make people upset and nervous as they try to vote. Maybe they’ll be nailed for some other crime or an unpaid utility bill, a parking ticket. They are getting out the word that we are going to be photographing you, we are going to get you….

AJ: You told me during the break that some 50,000 ballots are missing.

GP: 58,000 absentee ballots have gone missing in Broward County. And we already had a few weeks ago, when Teresa Lapore (butterfly ballot designer) was counting votes in Palm Beach, she counted 37,000 votes when only 31,000 ballots were cast. The absentee ballot scans in this election are going to be beyond imagination. We are looking at close to 15 million absentee ballots, Alex. Most people don’t realize, you send in that absentee ballot, you’re just counting on them to open it and count it.

AJ: Greg, do you think this is all going to be contested?

GP: No. I think that the Democrats are – I’ve watched them. And I’ve met with John Edwards. I’ve met with the chairman of the party. They are completely unprepared. They’ve got a bunch of hotshot lawyers. They think that if you run lawyers around on election day, that you are going to be able to stop this wholesale theft.

AJ: Yeah, it’s already happening. Coast to coast on the electronic voting fraud, there are literally over 300 articles of election fraud, caught red-handed all over the country. It’s already going on.

GP: Yeah, it’s too late by the time they move in on this stuff. Plus, they are actually playing into the hands of the Republicans. They’ve got 6000 lawyers that they are fielding. When Republicans start doing the surprise challenges, the lawyers are going to go in and start arguments – people are already going to be waiting. In Florida, they expect back-ups at the polls – three hours to vote. They want to discourage voting. That’s how they are going to do it – discouraging the voters. So the Democrats will run in and help them out by arguing over these challenges. They are just so smart in how they are doing this. And I’ve got to tell you, you have to understand, you are hearing it on the Alex Jones show. You don’t see it on NBC.

AJ: No, and after the election, they’ll say, “There were a few slip-ups so we’ll put in more of these special machines to fix it.”

GP: Yeah

AJ: “People are so dumb, they don’t know how to vote.”

GP: Exactly, we’ll have a blue ribbon panel. But you have to understand that the rest of the world is watching this. They watched my report last night on BBC with the pictures of the black cars and the guys with the telephoto lenses, the caging lists, the military guys losing their votes. The rest of the world thinks that we have a police state.

AJ: Alright, the author of “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and the “Bush Family Fortunes,” the video, Greg, we’ll hopefully have you back on next week and through this week as this develops, my friend.

GP: You’ve got it, Alex. You’re the best. Thanks.

AJ: Thanks a million.


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