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Tammy Bruce: Bush Turning Into Jimmy Carter

Newsmax | October 4 2005

Tammy Bruce, a Democrat and a pro-choice feminist who once headed NOW's Los Angeles chapter, said the nomination to the Supreme Court of Harriet Miers proves "President Bush is turning into Jimmy Carter.”

Bruce, author of the upcoming book "The New American Revolution: Using The Power of the Individual To Save Our Nation from Extremists,” said the president had a great opportunity to nominate a true conservative like Janice Rogers Brown, but he blew it.

"I’m thrilled it’s a woman, but the reality is that 7 of the last 9 Republican nominees to the Supreme Court went to the left side of the bench,” Bruce said.

Bruce said a "legitimate anger is rising” among conservatives who were promised by Bush during two election campaigns that he would appoint like-minded conservatives to the High Court when given the chance.

"The reality is that two of the four dissenting members (the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist and retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor) on the Kelo decision are now gone. The government is now larger than Franklin Delano Roosevelt ever imagined. President Bush is not an authentic conservative.”

Bruce added, "if Democrats accept a nominee like Miers, then conservatives are in legitimate trouble.”

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