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Comment: If you are still using AOL as your internet provider or to host your website, you need to dump them now. AOL is a shill for the corrupt actions of the criminal government usurpers. They care nothing for your custom.

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The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) claims America OnLine is providing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "unlimited surveillance" of their members, according to the London-based Financial Reporter newspaper. According to a recently released DOC report, "AOL works 'closely' with the DHS to supply information on any AOL customer. It reportedly allows agents from these entities 'free and unfettered' access to AOL Hq. at Dulles, Va. for the purpose of 'watching over and keeping surveillance' … on the millions of AOL customers."

The recent approval by Congress, of the Patriot Act extensions permitting "warrantless searches of persons and property," have apparently provided legal cover for this cooperation. And the Reporter notes, "[w]hile information gleaned from delving into personal computer messages is supposed to be kept confidential, it appears that the DHS has exceeded their brief and obtained what appears to be strictly personal information which is then circulated to entities outside the DHS."

It also quotes the DOC report as stating that since "news of this surveillance has leaked out" it is "causing serious concern in the American and European business communities." However, the DHS has downplayed privacy concerns and claims companies are merely worried that their information will end up in the hands of competitors.







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