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Indictment Hot Air: The Phony Left's Monica Lewinsky
Mammoth crimes go unpunished as personal squabbles distract attention from real issues

Paul Joseph Watson | October 26 2005

The rumor mill tells us indictments are going to be handed down on Thursday but the constant guessing game should be brushed aside in favor of a serious consideration about whether we are being sold on a story that in reality has no significant consequences.

While the left are transfixed by the issue, the lunatic fringe of the Internet have seized on this story, like they do with every major story, and taken it to levels which it clearly is never going to reach.

Ubiquitous 'unnamed sources' are telling us that 28 indictments have already been handed down, Bush and Cheney amongst them, and that Bush ordered Fitzgerald to be arrested and the indictment papers to be seized and sealed by Alberto Gonzales.

This is a twisted leap of logic. If Fitzgerald has the gusto to hand out 28 indictments including ones against the President and Vice President then surely he’d be screaming bloody murder if they then tried to have him arrested? It doesn't make sense.

Why do these individuals keep putting out this garbage? Is it to get attention, to get hits to their website? Because if it is it doesn’t seem to be working. Is it intentionally done to muddy the waters and confuse people from the outside genuinely seeking an alternative perspective?

These same sources told us that Barbara Olsen was never on Flight 77 and was still alive. What happened to that story?

Bush's Bewildering Behavior

To return to the point, the pressure of the indictment story has been put forward as a reason for George Bush's increasingly bizarre behavior.

Is Bush starting to feel the heat, is he flipping out as well as flipping off?

No doubt about it.

The New York Daily News article was only the latest in a string of reports and insider leaks to bring this to light.

It was clear a year ago during the presidential debates that something was seriously amiss after Bush continually pulled outlandish facial expressions in front of a nationwide viewing audience.

Bush spots Jeff Gannon in the crowd and gets overexcited.

Bush's bizarre behavior does no stem from the indictment pressure.

There is a weight of burden on Bush’s conscience heavier than a herd of elephants and it’s cumulative. That’s why Bush hasn’t attended any funerals of dead soldiers. He can’t handle the responsibility because he isn’t intelligent enough to convince himself of this greater universal cause idea that the top Globalists fool themselves into believing.

Bush is storming around swearing at people and flipping out partly due to the arrogance of power and partly due to the burden of conscience.

Hot Air

Focusing back on the indictment issue, we have the possibility of Libby and Rove being indicted. My hunch tells me they’ll probably burn Libby, Rove will get a slap on the wrist.

That’s nothing.

Hitler said the bigger the lie the more likely people are to believe it.

A couple of minions are in hot water for what amounts to an act of petty vengeance.

This is dwarfed by the fact that the entire administration provably lied to start a war that has killed 2,000 American troops and God knows how many innocent Iraqis to the point of 100,000 and beyond.

Trillions missing from the Pentagon, scripting fake news broadcasts on a regular basis, implementing a worldwide torture program, opening the borders an demonizing those who would try to defend them, arming dictators.

Are these not serious issues?

Some would counter that it doesn't matter what we get them on, just that we get them.

Who exactly are we getting? Did Watergate stop the New World Order agenda? Did Monica Lewinsky stop it? Did Iran Contra? No.

The indictment story is the left’s Monica Lewinsky.

Just as the right obsessed about Clinton and Lewinsky while he was selling the country out to China and carrying out political assassinations, this is the left’s distraction. This will be their apparent grand triumph and there will be back-slapping aplenty.

But in the cold light of day the consequences will wash away and we will still be facing the same juggernaut as before. It's time to recognize the indictment story for what it is, a carefully stage-managed, self-indulgent sleight of hand diversion designed to lead us down the garden path and misdirect our energies from what really matters.

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