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Video: Stephen Colbert 'excuses' Foley's 'drunk texting' of 'erotic messages'

Raw Story | October 4 2006

Alcohol use can explain former Congressman Mark Foley's lurid messages sent to former House pages, according to Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

"Anyway, he's in rehab which means, it only happened because he was drinking," said Colbert. "We've all done it, folks -- drunk dialing -- it's just that in Foley's case it was drunk texting erotic messages to underage pages about masturbation."

Colbert also "explains" how Foley's instant messages to several Congressional pages are not inappropriate. The media has just failed to decode Foley's messages properly.

"Foley was a quick learner and started using abbreviations for everything," said Colbert. "That's where the trouble started."

Colbert continued: "Take this instant message he sent to a former page, 'How my favorite stud doing?' Now, the word 'stud', there, raised a lot of eyebrows but it's clearly an acronym for 'Strong Teen Using Democracy'. Thank god Capitol Hill is filled with young 'STUDs.'"

Colbert also joked that alcohol may have affected House Speaker Dennis Hastert, as well.

"Republican campaign chairman Tom Reynolds says that he told Hastert about the emails months ago and Hastert says he believes the conversation happened but he doesn't remember it," said Colbert. "Easy explanation, he was drinking too."

The following video contains clips from Monday and Tuesday's broadcast.

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