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Israelis Crank Up Volume on Total War Mantra

Kurt Nimmo | October 4 2006

According to the doddering ruin of a Labor (now Kadima) Zionist, Shimon Peres, speaking from Berlin, “the international community must adopt an aggressive stance against Iran,” as the neocon-infested Jerusalem Post reports. In other words, the international community, not suffering a threat by Iran, or likely to face one in the foreseeable future, must do the war crime bidding of the perfidious neocons and the Jabotinskyite Zionists in Israel.

“Iran seeks an nuclear bomb, although it already has a human bomb in the image of Ahmadinejad,” declared the senile statesman. In order to make Peres’ message (or demand) crystal clear, the neocon staff of the Jerusalem Post add: “According to Peres, Iran’s strength stems from the international community’s weakness regarding a response against it,” never mind, again, the international community faces no threat from Iran. The neocon-Zionist faction—ensconced deeply within the Pentagon, with their paws on the mechanism of mass destruction—have stepped up the shrillness and repetition of their warmaking mantra as they aggressively push for increased mass murder in the Middle East.

In July, as the Israeli war machine ravaged much of Lebanon, Thierry Meyssan, of the Voltaire press network, wrote that the neocons and their Zionists partners are engaged in “long nurtured theory” of a Hegelian “constructive chaos” in the Middle East. “According to the adepts of philosopher Leo Strauss, whose media branch is better known under the name of ‘neo-conservatives,’ real power cannot be exerted … if one remains in the status quo, but only, quite the contrary, in the act of destroying all forms of resistance. It is by plunging the masses into chaos that the elites can aspire to ensure the stability of their position.” Moreover, by engaging in such horrendous violence, the “imperial interests of the United States merge with those of the Jewish State.”

In addition to the obvious—the treacherous elite, currently represented by the neocons, have a keen interest in capturing oil reserves, no matter the tremendous cost in human life and misery—the neocon-Zionist alliance harbor a keen desire to “substitute to the States inherited by the collapse of the Ottoman empire, smaller entities of mono-ethnic character, and neutralize those mini-states by setting up them permanently against each other. In other terms, the idea is to reconsider the secret agreements concluded in 1916 by the French and British empires, the Sykes-Picot agreements and to establish rather a total domination of the Anglo-Saxons over the region. But in order to define new states, the existing ones must first be destroyed.”

As we know, these “new states” will be vassal entities, managed by installed dictators selected for the their ruthlessness and fealty to the neocon-Zionist alliance. All of this was spelled out in collaborative neocon-Zionist white and “position” papers, most notably the “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” document initially prepared for in-coming Israeli PM, Binyamin Netanyahu, and authored by Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser, members all of the Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy, a cabal of Israel Firsters in 1996. The Clean Break document borrows heavily from an earlier report by Oded Yinon, formerly attached to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and published in the World Zionist Organization house organ, Kivunim.

As a backdrop to Shimon Peres’ broken record call to mass murder Iranians, on October 2, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, writing for Alarab Online, tells us about the U.S.S. Enterprise, a U.S. Navy flagship, “under deployment to the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. This includes all the warships and vessels that compose Carrier Strike Group 12 (CSG 12) Destroyer Squadron 2 (DESRON 2), and Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW 1). The stated objective for the deployment of the U.S.S. Enterprise, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and other U.S. Navy vessels is to conduct naval security operations and aerial missions in the region,” putatively under the rubric of “Operation Enduring Freedom,” the official name for the neocon “response” to the “catastrophic and catalyzing event” of nine eleven (more accurately, it should be called “Operation Occupation and Balkanization”). It is worth reading Nazemroaya’s article in whole in order to understand the magnitude of the deployment of this “strike group.”

Finally, it is also worth taking a listen to mass murder propagandist William Kristol—as culpable for crimes against humanity as Nazi propagandists Joseph Goebbels and Hans Fritzsche, the latter prosecuted during Nuremberg war crimes tribunal—over at the Scaife (CIA) funded FrontPageMag web site. Kristol tells us “World War III” (actually, according to the lexicon of the neocon fascist faction, World War IV) is not a “war” against “terrorism,” as Bush insists (or his speechwriters insist), but rather a historic struggle against “fascism,” or “Islamic fascism,” otherwise known as “Islamofascism,” another Orwellian neologism and “empty propaganda term,” as Joseph Sobran would have it.

Kristol, in a disjointed and rambling speech delivered on September 8 at an event held to name-change Horowitz’s “Center for the Study of Popular Culture” to the “David Horowitz Freedom Center”—that is, freedom for those who agree with the neocons, as those who are at odds are driven from their academic positions and widely excoriated by the corporate media—has added his two cents to the concerted effort by the neocons to portray their mass murder campaign against Arabs and Muslims as akin to the war against Hitler and fascism.

Of course, this only works if the people on the receiving end of such crude propaganda are ignoramuses, as most neocon wannabes and supporters are, belonging to same the group that believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and danced the fandango with Osama bin Laden.

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