Seven Retards Return For War On Terror Show Trial
FBI provocateurs tried to get "dipshits in a warehouse" to blow up Sears Tower

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The prosecution's argument that "seven men plotted to bring down the U.S. government by poisoning saltshakers and bombing landmark buildings" in the trial of the "Liberty City Seven" underscores the ludicrous pretense of the "war on terror" and the callous obedience with which the media unquestionably report this farce.

Let's go over a brief refresher course on the details of the alleged plot to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower.

Seven semi-retarded pot smoking wannabe gang member rastafarians in a warehouse are approached by two FBI agents posing as Al-Qaeda terrorists and promised $50,000 if they start talking about waging a "holy war" in America.

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  One of the plots the ringleader dreams up, in his infinite wisdom, is to march to the White House, knock on the door, and announce "here I am."

The gang decide to go along with the agents in a bid to con them out of the money before disappearing, at which point the announcement that a "plot to overthrow the government" has been averted is saturated across the media as another sterling reason why the war on terror is so necessary.

After the true capability of the retards becomes the butt of a national joke (John Stewart labeled them "seven dipshits in a warehouse"), the Feds have to admit that the plot was "aspirational rather than operational," and posed no real threat because they had neither al Qaeda contacts nor means of carrying out attacks," as reported today by Reuters.

"Defense lawyers said the charges were "nonsense" scripted by the government and orchestrated by paid FBI informants they called Conman No. 1 and Conman No. 2," the report continues.

In almost every single major terror bust or sting that we have covered, the individuals providing the rhetoric, the means and money to actually foment and carry out a terrorist plot have been government informants and provocateurs.

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Despite the fact that this whole facade was completely contrived and nurtured by government agents, we are going to be forced to endure yet another terror show trial where the lurid details of the deadly plots will be obsessed upon by the media and doled out as fearmongering to the public, absent the fact that they could never have come to fruition.

If there were real terrorists running around planning to cause carnage, as we are constantly told by authorities, then why are the Feds concentrating on trying to prod a bunch of breadline ghetto dropouts into doing something violent?

If there was a real "war on terror" taking place and the Bush administration was our best defense against it, half of America would have already been suitcase nuked.

The reality is that these terror busts are concocted out of thin air purely for public consumption and scaremongering - to convince the public that they should accept eviscerations on freedom in exchange for government protection - and the real terrorists who carried out 9/11 are feverishly plotting another false flag outrage to put the wheels in motion for a military attack on Iran.


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