Out Of Control School Security Guard Assaults Camerawoman

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, October 4, 2007

More out of control school security guards have been accused of assaulting children and also the media, as a camerawoman who wasn't even on school property had her equipment shoved in her face by an aggressive guard during filming.

Action 10 News were investigating reports of guards and police beating children at a school in Robstown, Corpus Christi.

The film crew were not even on school property as they recorded shots of the building before a security guard walked up and forcefully shoved the camera in video journalist Brandy Dunfee's face.

Watch the video.

Action 10 News have now filed a police report regarding the assault.

"If he's willing to do that to me for the world to see on camera, then what is he willing to do when no one is looking," said Dunfee.

Uncut video of the assault.

Allegations of police and security guards beating up students in the school have been met with a wall of silence from school authorities who have refused to talk to Action 10 News.

Students report being beaten by police and security guards at the school.

Last week, a video showing a school security guard arresting and breaking a girl's arm for dropping cake made national headlines.

The last couple of months have produced an epidemic of police and security guard brutality which seems to be spiraling out of control as cops are trained that the public is their enemy.

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