FBI checks bomb report in Tacoma, finds pumpkin

Friday October 05, 2007

TACOMA — The FBI checked out a report of an atomic bomb in Tacoma and found it had turned into a pumpkin.

The Port of Tacoma called the FBI after the deputy director received a phone message Sept. 21 from a port commission candidate, Bill Casper. He said he knew how to make an atomic bomb that could elude security devices.

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An FBI spokeswoman in Seattle, Robbie Burroughs, says four agents went to Casper's office Sept. 26 to question him. He says he spent an hour with the agents showing them a pumpkin and another squash similar in size to pieces of the Hiroshima bomb. Burroughs says the agents left satisfied it wasn't dangerous.

Casper's top issue as a candidate is preventing atomic material from being smuggled into the port, and he says he expected his research would trigger scrutiny.

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