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Protesters Allege 9/11 Terror Attacks Were Government Conspiracy

CNS News | September 4 2004

Comment: Notice the textbook tactic of linking it with idiot Socialists therefore discrediting the whole thing.

New York ( - On the final day of the Republican National Convention, protesters gathered where the World Trade Center once stood to allege a massive government conspiracy and cover-up regarding the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

The protest, which was part of the official "counter convention calendar" of events, alleged that the U.S. government needed an excuse to seize power in America, and it either allowed the terror attacks to happen or was actively involved in them.

The afternoon event, sponsored by, was called "Vigil For Truth at Ground Zero."

"[9/11] was an inside job, a fraud, a scam, equivalent of the [burning] of the Reichstag that led to a reign of terror across Nazi Europe. And it seems like that's what is happening now," protestor David Hylander told

The burning of the Reichstag, Germany's parliament building, in 1931 gave Adolph Hitler the opportunity to consolidate his power and suppress civil liberties.

Hylander, from Vermont, carried a sign that featured a photo likeness of President George W. Bush as Osama bin Laden. The sign read, "Wanted for terror, murder: Osama 'Bush' Laden."

The government has served as "the conspirators in this in order to unleash a reign of terror on the planet," Hylander said.

"We have seen stolen elections, the abrogation of international treaties, the escalation of the destruction of the planet" since 9/11, he added.

Hylander sees the "hundreds of billions of military industrial contracts" as the means "to control the world."

"It's just unbelievable that the people are so bought off by the corporate mass media that they're not rising up. Where is the outrage?" he asked.

"Only truth will set us free," agreed protestor Bob Lamming, an unemployed former teacher from New Jersey.

Lamming said that the "evidence points very strongly" to the U.S. government either allowing the terror attacks or actively participating in them.

"It's just unbelievable to me that four airplanes could be hijacked and fly around the Eastern U.S. for two hours without evoking any kind of a military response," Lamming said.

Lamming believes that the government needed another Pearl Harbor-like attack to "prepare for war."

The result of the government's actions since 9/11 include "sacking our national wealth, dismantling our middle class, laying waste to our environment," according to Lamming.

"These people are destroying our country. We need to open peoples' minds up a little bit," he added.

Lamming said that "50 percent of people in New York City don't believe" the official version of events surrounding 9/11.

Andrea Psoras, another protester at the World Trade Center site, said she was near Ground Zero on September 11 when the towers crashed down. Psoras believes that explosives aided the collapse of at least one of the towers.

"I knew I heard explosives," Psoras told

"The towers deteriorated symmetrically," she added in an effort to bolster her claim that explosives brought the building down.

Psoras also singled out the "military industrial complex" and the GOP as the primary forces behind the terror attacks. "The Republicans have a propensity to do whatever they can get away with," she said.

'Bush is a simple man'

Later on Thursday, a massive protest took place on 8th Avenue, just a few blocks from the convention center where the GOP convention was being held. The focus of this protest was to remove President Bush from office.

"The world cannot afford four more years of George Bush," Sean Hannon of Connecticut told

Hannon does not believe Bush is actually in charge of his presidency. "Bush is a simple man in the wrong job," he said. "The people he put in power - [Attorney General John] Ashcroft, [Vice President Dick] Cheney" are in charge, Hannon said.

The Bush administration is in the "same league of any kind of dictatorship," he added.

Emily Yamasaki of the Freedom Socialist Party said Bush was not to blame for the injustices in the United States.

"It's not Bush as an individual, but it's the capitalist system. It has disenfranchised a majority of people," Yamasaki said.

When asked by about the failure of socialism in places like Eastern Europe, Yamasaki said, "I don't think that was truly socialism. That was a workers' state, and they tried to establish socialism, but until we have socialism here in the U.S., there will not really be a successful socialist revolution anywhere else," she said.

The protest featured signs that read, "If Bush wins there is no God," "A con job trumps a b*** job: Impeach Bush now," "Swift boat back to Texas," "Prevent unwanted politicians: Practice safe voting techniques," "No Bush, No Dick," "Bush scares me," "Free Iraq from Halliburton," and "Even Nixon was better."

A female speaker from the podium declared, "Everyone hates Bush" as the crowd chanted "RNC go home."

'Stunningly dishonest' asked former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Thursday what he thought of the convention week protests.

"When you have no facts and you have no issues, you collapse into sheer demagoguery. These are people who are stunningly dishonest and have nothing to offer," Gingrich said.


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