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Jackson's Dangerous Album Cover Was Full of Occult Symbolism
Is that why his dabbling in the occult and secret societies has led to the recent charges of abuse?

From a Reader | September 9 2004

Evidence of the Freemasonic presence is also commonly found in the popular music of more recent times.

Michael Jackson hailed today as the King of pop, regarded as the greatest entertainer of all times, responsible for producing best selling albums in the World may not be known to be linked with the Freemasons. However, the cover of his "Dangerous" album had some interesting features on it. The Freemasonic symbol of the One Eye can be found and also the picture of a watery lake behind which laid burning flames. It seems as though anyone entering into the water would really be entering into the fire.

The cover also has on it a picture of a bald headed man well known to the occult as Alistair Crowley. He himself was a Freemason and wrote the book "The New Law of Man" which stated in it that it would one day replace the Qur'ân as the law of man.


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