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Texas National Guard to Deploy November 1st for Martial Law Takeover

ParaPolitics | September 9 2004

Thursday, August 19th, on Alex Jones' Access Television show he displayed the Tx National Guard Manual for Infrastructure Protection delivered to him by an insider within that program. Said insider also called in to the show and answered Alex's questions about the program and their notification to be deployed on November 1st.

The manual, titled USE OF FORCE: CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION TRAINING, allegedly goes into great detail on the military takeover of Civic Authorities, City Halls, etc., in exactly the way Alex has documented in his three Police State videos made over the last ten years (see below). The Senior Commander at the "State Guard Officer School" is said to be a "Full Bird Colonel" and former British SAS (Special Forces). This individual is in charge of selection for ALL officers chosen to be a part of this special program designed to merge local law-enforcement, national guardsmen, and branches of the military in preparation for civilian round-ups, detention camps, and house to house searches for weapons and contraband.

This National Guard insider says there is a distinctly Republican / Conservative - anti Democrat / Liberal mentality among this special group of National Guardsmen.

Alex interviewed this person again on his radio show Friday, August 20th.

An MP3 file of this Access TV show interview can be heard / downloaded here:


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