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9/11 Commission Wants "No-Fly" List Expanded to Trains, Ships

Newsmax | September 9 2004

WASHINGTON - The government should check travelers' names against terrorist watch lists before they board passenger trains or cruise ships, the Sept. 11 commission recommended Wednesday.

Airlines now check their passengers' names against such a list, a responsibility that the Transportation Security Administration plans to assume sometime next year.

Privacy advocates say the government is too secretive about how it puts people on the list and that those who are mistakenly identified as terrorists don't have an effective way of getting off it.

The proposal is one of 94 proposals released Wednesday that expand upon a handful of transportation security improvements the Sept. 11 commission recommended to Congress in July.

The new proposals include giving flight attendants counterterrorism training, drawing up comprehensive plans to protect all forms of transportation and expanding the use of watch lists.

"Steps should be taken as soon as possible to convert the "No-Fly" list into a "No-Transport" list that would be provided to transportation providers in addition to air carriers (starting with cruise ships and Amtrak)," the report said.

The commission said that state, local and tribal law enforcement authorities should have access to the terrorist watch lists.


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