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As South Tower is Hit, Bombs Go off in North Tower

From a Reader | September 9 2004

Watch carefully and play back again and again. As Flight 175 hits the South Tower (the diversionary blast), bombs go off in the North Tower. Keep your eye on near the top right of the tower and then bottom right in the frame. Any alternative explanations are welcome.

You will need Apple Quicktime to view this clip. Click here if you don't have it.

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Here are my comments concerning the puffs of smoke coming out of the north
tower while the south tower gets hit:

If the puffs of smoke were the result of the pressure wave from the aircraft impact in the south tower, we should be able to see its effect on the rest of the smoke clouds coming out of the north tower at that exact moment. However nothing in these smoke clouds suggests the south tower aircraft impact shock wave has any effect on the rest of the smoke, thus ruling-out this possibility.


This is a pre-existing fire which you can just barely see burning before the impact. I agree with another observer that it is expanded or 'blown out' momentarily as a result of shockwaves from the 2nd plane impact. We must be very careful here. The implied assertion that this must be a bomb and the article must be many bombs etc are subjective. "As South Tower is Hit, Bombs Go off in North Tower" should be rephrased "What is the ball of flame puffing out of the north tower as south tower is hit? Please comment" That way there is no pre-bias involved in the implication.


This isn't a comment on the video, but a comment on what happened at that exact time. My best friend was standing next to the South Tower when it was hit by the 2nd plane. He immediately headed South and was able to escape. I was able to speak to him later that day. One thing he swore by, "I saw something hit the North Tower at that moment, maybe a wing from the 2nd plane or maybe not, but something hit it..."

We watched the newscasts of the 2nd plane hitting and there was no apparent wreckage from that plane that hits the North Tower in those videos. I told him he must be mistaken, but he swore again, "I know what I saw. Something hit the North Tower then." I asked him how big the object was. He said, "About the size of a bus." I didn't press the issue any longer, but after researching websites such as yours and, I know something is up. I just thought I would mention that.

Thanks for reporting the real news.


This is most likely not an explosive charge. I have download footage of the attacks on a program called Ares (similar to Kazaa or Napster) in which I was able to observe the crash from many angles. I watched the video from two angles. One directly below the crash and the one you have provided. The angle directly below the crash shows that about half a second after the plane hits the building two puffs of smoke shoot out of the of the top of the tower. From the angle you have provided it is quite obvious that the secondary explosions occur sequentialy. Meaning the secondary explosions do not occur at the same time as the primary explosion. It would appear that the primary explosion (that of the plane) was so large that it was able to travel upwards and come out at the top of the building. If I were to guess, I believe that if there were charges (which I have most certainly not ruled out) they would have occured mere moments before the actual collapse of each tower.


I used to work with explosives in the mining industry. I've felt the
blast wave from just a few kilo's of 'average' power high explosive. I
believe the puffs of smoke are the result of the pressure wave from the
aircraft impact in the other tower.

I beleive this to be the most simple and likely explanation. I however
could easily be wrong as quite obviously the towers were ultimately
brought down by explosives.



If the colours were correct then the explosions burned white.
There was also no blast as there would be with most explosives.
This looks like a flare-up of thermite explosive.

Thermite is comprised of very fine aluminium and iron-oxide(rust) and depending on the percentage mix can be made to explode or flare.

The option chosen at the WTC was ( looks like ) flaring.

Thermite burns very hot and to give an example:

Put a small pile of thermite on the bonnet of a car the size of a fifty pence piece.

Place a strip of magnesium into the pile ( you'll need the magnesium in order to maintain the temperature for the thermite to burn)

Light the magnesium.

The thermite will burn through the bonnet, through the engine block and also burn through the floor under the car.

( a 50-50 mix would achieve this effect should you ever want to try)

You'll notice the thermite flares up with a bright colour but most of the white flaring at the WTC would have been due to the magnesium which would have been used as a catalyst
throughout the mixture to obtain equal combustion of the thermite.
I gather you've seen magnesium burn with a very white intense flame.
The combination of the flaring of the thermite flare and the flare of the magnesium would produce this effect.

The reason thermite was used was because they knew they had to get rid of the debris quickly and the only method of doing that was to use the thermite to cut the steel girders into pieces small enough to fit straight onto the trailers of lorries without using cutting torches.

Thermite was the only real option.

Ask any military explosives expert, they would confirm what I have said.

Looking at the video, I would say that the two bright explosions was the burning of the magnesium catalyst which was added to the thermite.

Hope this helps.