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The Red and the Blue

Scott Sycamore | September 9 2004

Red and blue are classic contrasting colors. Barack Obama said that “they like to divide America into red states and blue states,” and well they do. The red and the blue are always at odds, always pushing each other. The Crips and the Bloods shot each other over nothing more than these two colors.

So perhaps this red-blue visual image dynamic is more powerful than it appears on the mind’s surface.

Consider the flag of South Korea. Its centerpiece is a classic East-Asian Yin-Yang symbol, transformed into a red-and-blue incarnation from the traditional black-and-white. According to the flag’s lore, this particular yin-yang represents the people. The symbol is transposed against a white background which represents the land.

The red and the blue represent the whole of the population.

What was that Obama said again?

Anyone who gains a mental grasp of Illuminati imagery starts to see incredible commonalities between seemingly unrelated mega-symbols.

We all know the logo of Chevron. A box containing a red and a blue arrow set against a white background. Does this sort of sound familiar? But, in fact, while the unsuspecting eye sees the logo in only two dimensions, it is really meant to be observed as a 3-D image. This reveals the chevron itself as two sides of a dual-layer box, one level being red and the other blue.

But, see, this is no ordinary box. For the Enlightened Ones, it represents the box that they keep people locked in daily through dependency on their petroleum-based products. They are subconsciously letting everyone know, “Whether your meager opinions fall to the side of red or of blue, we have dominion over you.” It is extremely important for people to realize that the bickering between the two (only two?) sides of the political fence is just an engineered ploy to distract from the fact that BOTH parties are completely contained by the Boxmasters. Chevron is THROWING IT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE that they have oily control over everybody, yet you still don’t know. Incredible isn’t it?


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