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Bush's New Mental Screening Plans Evoke Memories of Clockwork Orange

Jon Rappoport | September 13 2004

I've written about Bush's draconian mental-health screening program for every kid in the US.

Here is something else to think about. If this program really takes hold, psychiatrists will be able to extend their lists of trumped-up fake mental disorders.

In the long run, if a kid gets into a fight on the playground, if a kid makes some kind of anti-gay, anti-white, anti-black, anti-government comment, he could be dragged in for "screening."

Clockwork Orange.

"The state is compassionate. We don't want to punish the offending child. That's the old way. We want to go after that part of his brain function that made him do the anti-social thing. With medication, we can silence or convert that mis-firing in the brain."

Let's assume this Bush program goes nowhere.'s a start. It's part of softening up the populace. Bit by bit, drop by drop, compromise by compromise, the road is built into a future no sane person wants.

That's the way they play the game.

Look what's happening with vaccines. There the goal is forced vaccination of every person. Right now there are still loopholes in every state, so that parents can claim exemptions for their kids.

But with all the propaganda about bio-threats and flu pandemics and SARS and anthrax attacks and smallpox attacks and so on, the population is being pushed in the direction of saying, "Oh, what the hell, they're right, let's give over our kids for the jabs, for their own good..."

Whether you believe in the safety/efficacy of vaccines or not, the question is whether you believe the state has the right to enforce a medical decision on you. On your kids.

The state positions itself as the sensible parent. "Do you want to endanger children?"

Freedom of choice fades as a concern.

I know there are some psychiatrists out there who have awakened to the massive abuses perpetrated by their profession (toxic drugs). Why not form a group and offer a case for the mental screening of George Bush and Dick Cheney?

Why not write an open letter and send it to every large press outlet in the world? Do your best. Use the lingo you learned as a student. Make the diagnosis. Fake out the fakers with a fake assessment. It's a dream assignment.

Suggest what drugs will quiet the brains of our leaders.

Turn the tables.


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