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Bush-Nazi Family Alliance: Alex Jones Interviews John Buchanan

Alex Jones Show | September 29 2004

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AJ: Nazi treasure has been used by the globalists to take over the United States and they are setting up a Fourth Reich right here in America. Sounds amazing but if you look at the evidence, any good investigator would tell you that there is no other conclusion. It is documented and the mainstream media is complicit. The same people who funded Hitler are now involved, running the same system here in America. And yes, even putting Hitler-lovers in as governor of the fifth largest economy on the planet. New massive developments have come out in the London Guardian – thanks to John Buchanan’s work. He told me about this three weeks ago – how the story was about to come out. And now it has with the exact detail, as he said it would. He’s got even new revelations for us.


John Buchanan, quickly in 60 seconds, tell us who you are, a little bit of your history, and then I want to toot your horn for you. Let me just toot the horn right now. I was in New York. I interviewed John before. I was well aware of his work from a year ago – out of the oldest and most respected newspaper in the country, documenting the Bush-Nazi connections into the 1950s. Taking those billions of dollars of Nazi funds into Argentina, into Midland Texas. Folks, my grandfather worked in the oil business – he said all you would see were these rich Nazis in Midland, hanging out. I’ve talked to other oilmen. You know the Nazis hanging out at the Bush house. This is stuff I knew as a kid. Being here in Texas, having family on both sides who were low-level in the oil business. It’s a very small family, small group of people. And so I already knew a lot of this. And then I knew about Tarpley’s book from decades ago – about the Bushes and Nazis. I had mainstream news articles from 1942, 1941, 1943. Those are on and But this guy that we’re talking to spent weeks in the National Archives just digging through giant rooms of documents. It’s all there. And he found the documents, expanding on all of this.

And three weeks ago in New York, he told me in a hotel room interview we did that’s in an upcoming film, it’ll be out in a few months called “Martial Law,” where we talk about the part of the plan to overthrow the U.S. with a Fourth Reich. Back during World War II, the Bushes wanted a Third Reich with their big banker controllers. And he laid out how he had been to the Guardian, how he showed them the documents, how it was coming out very soon. And there are several books coming out based on the research of John Buchanan. And so John is a hero but he is also more than a hero. He’s an example of how motivated individuals can change history. And we are honored to have John Buchanan on with us. Not just with the 13-page London Guardian article, the biggest paper in Europe, but he has new developments that nobody else has. John, good to have you on with us.

JB: Thank you very much Alex, it’s always a pleasure. To give you the update and the new stuff since you have so well summarized my past in the last year, there have been some really incredible developments, especially in terms of timing. But after the Guardian reporter left the archives on August 10th, I found new documents that I had not seen before that nobody has even hinted that they could find. Documents that link them directly to IG Farben, the operators of the death camp at Auschwitz. And Polish Newsweek, as you know, the Polish edition of Newsweek had that story in early 2003.

Michael Isikoff, the star reporter at Newsweek, who wrote about Monica Lewinsky’s sperm-stained dress and thought that was newsworthy and that made him rich and famous and got him book deals, didn’t have the guts to do the Bush-Nazi story, and confirmed to me on the record, which I reported in the New Hampshire Gazette, that Newsweek U.S. had spiked the Bush-Auschwitz story, slave labor at Auschwitz. As you also know from the papers that I discovered last year, W. Averill Harriman, the big daddy partner that gave Prescott Bush his start in the Nazi business, was one of the original owners of Newsweek. So, the media complicity and cover-up goes back 70 years.

So now we know from new documents that I have in my possession, which include by the way the date is what’s significant, 1942. After the U.S. entered the war and after the Holocaust had begun, that they were doing business with Hitler and Auschwitz and IG Farben. Number two, Eva Schweitzer, the German journalist who has her book coming out in Germany October 6th, “The USA and the Holocaust,” called me late Friday afternoon from the National Archives. She found even more explosive documents that she has in her possession today – that they were shareholders in IG Farben. Stockholders in IG Farben which made them shareholders in the death camp at Auschwitz. And that they moved Nazi assets that she had never discovered into Chile after the war.

AJ: Now for those who just joined us, there is a detailed 13-page report in the London Guardian, “Suit has been Filed by Slave Laborers from Auschwitz,” against the Bush family themselves. And now we’ve learned that’s why the Bushes blocked some different treaties on war crimes because this would protect them. Now we know why they got Arnold, who openly says he loves Hitler, why they are grooming him for the presidency in ’08. When you start looking at the webs you also have documented how back in the ‘30s they had a plan to overthrow the U.S. and set up a Third Reich here – how that failed. Now, they are trying it again even with the same name – Reich security or [home] land security – down to the black uniforms and the watch list.

JB: Correct and there was another – I don’t know if you heard this or your staff saw it this morning – but I’ve been talking about this for a year and the New York Times won’t pay any attention to this little tidbit either. But you know very well who Reinhardt Gehlen was, the Nazi general who was in fact the founder of the CIA. Well, after 50 years of denial, UPI reported that story over the weekend and the American government has acknowledged documents found at the National Archives. In another court case, that Nazi general and war criminal Reinhardt Gehlen was in fact the grandfather of the CIA and brought in Nazi war criminals and henchmen to form the CIA. And until 1956, he had a direct hand in the CIA and he also helped smuggle Klaus Barbie and other Nazi war criminals out of prison.

AJ: Let me stop you. Let me stop you. We’ve got to stop right here. I want to go back over the whole history of this. I want to spend a lot of time on this, John. How long do you have with us?

JB: I have …

AJ: Your phone’s cutting out. How long do you have with us?

JB: As long as you need me.

AJ: Well, lets keep you for the full next hour. But I want to stop you right there. For those that – I’m going to talk about 9/11 now – for those that don’t understand how al Qaeda works for the CIA. Or how Saddam worked for the CIA. Or how Noriega worked for the CIA. Or how Fidel Castro worked for the CIA. Or how Ho Chi Min worked for the CIA. Or how the CIA now admits they put Mao Tse-Tung into power in 1950. This is now admitted on the History Channel. The globalists go out and create bogeymen, create war machines, create enemies. Then when they bring the country down, all of their double-agents who were working for them – whether they are al Qaeda or the Bathe Party or Noriega’s top men - they all then get brought back to the U.S. or settled in Switzerland or Spain or Argentina and are very well taken care of. They even fly back here and do seminars for their own client groups.

So, just like in the middle of the Afghan war, all these C-130s land in Kabal and fly out the Taliban and al Qaeda cream and Special Forces commanders watch this with their mouths hanging open. Or they do capture them and are ordered to release them. It’s because they are CIA, folks. Just like the Nazis were brought here after World War II – well they never really left. They were there to build up this bogeyman, to build up Germany, then bring Germany down from within and use Germany as a crisis creator, to bring in the UN, the second wave of the failed League of Nations. So, understand this, our rocketry programs, our fighter programs, our CIA programs, our military programs, down to our schools, Dept of Education. The Nazis were seen as the cutting edge of what the New World Order wanted. So after they brought them down, they brought them here to run everything. So, it’s the same story over and over and over again. Wall Street funds Hitler, creates it, then brings it down, but moves the same system over here. It’s the same thing with Al Qaeda; it’s the same thing with everything. These guys are inside operators. Go ahead.

JB: Alex, we are in scoop city today because that brings up something else I’ve got for you – that can be your exclusive and you can have her on as early as tomorrow, if you’d like – because she goes directly to that point. You may have heard of her but I wasn’t familiar with her story until I talked to her last week. And I just gave her story to a major U.S. reporter who is in Texas as we speak. Her name is Indira Singh and she worked for ten years at JP Morgan Chase in New York City. Her job was to track insider trading and financial fraud on Wall Street as a senior level risk management consultant. She began working with a new software program called Ptech. And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Ptech or your listeners have but here’s what’s interesting about this story.

AJ: It’s very similar to PROMISE.

JB: Correct. It’s very similar to PROMISE. Thank you. And Ptech is a master builder software program that in turn builds other generations of so-called enterprise, meaning basically business or operational software. Well, the connection to 9/11 is that, number one, it’s embedded in NORAD’s command and control system. Every military computer system in the U.S. government, every agency of the U.S. government, including the CIA, and guess what? This won’t surprise your listeners, it’s funded by Saudi Arabian funders of terrorists and al Qaeda, has direct connections to Osama bin Laden. And the two co-founders of Ptech are on the FBI’s terrorism watch list and were apprehended after 9/11. Guess what? Ptech is still in business in Quincy, Massachusetts. CBS News had that story and was going to report it on our buddy Dan Rather’s evening news show a year after 9/11 – Sept. 11, 2002. And for national security reasons, the White House shut down the story. The headline of the story was: Ptech software that ran NORAD and the CIA, funded by Arab funders of terrorists and the CIA funded the attacks of 9/11.

AJ: Unbelievable.

JB: And she’s got the documents to prove it. And she fears for her life. She’s one of the few private citizens put under Secret Service protection by Sen. Charles Grassley, the Republican from Iowa, a year and a-half ago. And after Grassley came to her aid and tried to open an investigation, the White House came down on him. And I’ve been trying to get his office to call me back for a week. They’re such cowards, Alex, that even Sen. Charles Grassley won’t call back, won’t stand up for the American people, won’t come out with the truth. And the reason that I wanted to be on with you today and break this stuff is that you are much more of a patriot and you have much more of a vast audience than I do. And I respect that fact. And I’ve know what you’ve done to get out big stories. The only way I can see, Alex, that we can do anything between now and the election is to bring the wrath of the American people down on the press and down on the Congress. To my mind, the Congress and the press are more guilty of treason than Bush – in that they are cowards and they are running from the truth.

AJ: Well, John Buchanan, we’ll have a transcript created from this broadcast in the next few days. And we’ll get this audio posted and then one of our great listeners will make a transcript. That way millions can read it immediately. But, John, when we come back from break, because I’ve gotten you to digress. Then I want to go back through the Nazi background, Fritz Thyssen, who the Bush’s are, who the Walker’s are. I want to lead this up to the ‘50s. Then I want to bring it up to 2004 and how they are recreating this. And these latest developments - suits filed by Auschwitz survivors against the Bushes for being shareholders in IG Farben – one of the most well-known death camps being Auschwitz. We’ll be right back. Stay with us. We are talking to John Buchanan.


AJ: Alright, going back to John Buchanan, investigative journalist, John, we’ve got about four minutes here in this little segment. Give us thumbnail history, the Bushes, their patrons, what we know and then we’ll get into these new developments.

JB: Okay, as I was able to the first time that I was on with you, Alex, I want to make a very important point to start with. Which is that when I found this stuff on the internet at, last August, I didn’t believe it. Even though I hate the Bush family and would do anything to get them out of power, I just couldn’t get my mind around the fact that they were Nazis and funders of Hitler. So I went to the National Archives last September 17th and when I got out of the taxi and walked into the National Archives, the thought crossed my mind that these documents just couldn’t possibly be there. And being a reputable journalist, if they weren’t there, I would have a moral obligation to report that and say these horrible rumors on the internet are not true. Within one 8-hour workday, I had accumulated authenticated copies of over 300 pages of documents that confirmed everything that had been on the internet, that had been out for decades and rumors in Europe and in obscure books and then on internet for at least ten years. That in late 1942, as a direct result of an explosive story, July 30th, 1942, in the New York Herald Tribune under the headline, “Hitler’s Angel has $3 Million in U.S. Bank.”

AJ: By the way, we have, there were several articles, those 1942 articles, the actual scans of the mainstream news print stories on the websites.

JB: Oh, fantastic, what’s interesting about that story when you consider that this has been covered up for 70 years. What’s most interesting to me about that story is that it does not mention the Bushes, the Harrimans and George Herbert Walker…..

AJ: There is another one that does…

JB: backing by prominent American politically-connected families. [Crosstalk] It turns out that’s the Bushes, the Harrimans and George Herbert Walker, who is this president’s maternal great-grandfather. So, within three weeks after that story comes out, the government comes down on them under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The first seizure was in late August of 1942. And that was Hamburg-Amerikan line which brought Nazi spies into the U.S. in the 1930s – offered $1000 to U.S. citizens who would go to Germany and proselytize for Hitler, etc. A couple of weeks later, they seized two more and then the Union Banking Corporation, the famous one, was seized on October 20th, 1942. And then in November, the Silesian-American Corporation, which did business with Auschwitz and used slave labor from Auschwitz, which is the basis for the new multi-billion dollar lawsuit from the Auschwitz survivors in Europe, was seized. So there’s five seizures, I have confirmation of.

I got rained out the next two days. I was scheduled to be there and also to go to the Library of Congress. So I went home to Miami. And when I got home to Miami and went over everything, I just had a journalist instinct, for lack of a better term, that in one 8-hour day, I couldn’t have covered everything and I should go to the Library of Congress. And so I went back a couple of weeks later. And when I went back, I spent multiple-days in the Archives and Library of Congress. And that’s when I found the documents that nobody had ever seen and something that has never been reported by anybody – or even in any book. And that was that after being warned over and over again, after being seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act to cease and desist in their Nazi dealings, incredibly they kept doing it until 1951. And they didn’t stop doing it until their Nazi patron, the German steel and coal baron, Fritz Thyssen, died in Argentina. And after the war, on his behalf and on behalf of other Nazis, they moved assets into Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Panama. And I have those documents, as well.

AJ: We’ve got to break. And we also have mainstream news articles that do say the Bush names, headline “Thyssen Bank Seized for Trading with the Enemy” and it’s got Prescott Bush’s name. We’ll be right back with the second hour.


AJ: Thank you for joining us. It is the 27th day of September, ’04. I’m Alex Jones, your host. We are talking to investigative journalist and well-known activist, even back to the Watergate days, one of the people credited with finally bringing Nixon down. He is John Buchanan. John Buchanan for the last year has been researching Bush-Nazi ties. He’s spent a lot of time in the National Archives. He was one of the main sources for the London Guardian. He told me about this about three weeks ago. It popped up Friday in the London Guardian – a 13-page report with the definitive headline, “How Bush’s Grandfather Helped Hitler’s Rise to Power.”

Now none of this is a secret. I have articles from 1942 naming Bush and Nazi companies that were seized. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current president, father of Bush 41 and they list Mr. Prescott Bush as being on the board of directors. Then Mr. Buchanan found in the National Archives the documents of the Bushes running the Nazi nest eggs out of Switzerland, Germany and other areas up until at least 1951, 52. Now new documents have come out and he’s got some of the latest developments for us. And, of course, there are two big books coming out in Europe by very respected journalists on this subject, based on his research and other distinguished journalists’ research. And on top of this, two Auschwitz slave labor survivors have filed multi-billion dollar lawsuits against the Bush family because now we learn they were shareholders in IG Farben, directly running Auschwitz. John Buchanan, picking up now in the three minutes we’ve got left in this short segment. Then we’ll come back and get into more detail. You brought us up to 1942 and then right up into 1951. Give us some more examples of how this Nazi web was operating.

JB: Basically, the paper trail as far and I and Eva Schweitzer can determine, ends in 1951. Now, what happened between 1951 though the mid-1970s is very important. The Dulles family, John Foster Dulles, who would later go on to become secretary of state. And his brother, Allen Dulles, who was the head of the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services in Berlin…….

AJ: And created the CIA with Nazis.

JB: He’s the nominal creator. That’s what’s incredible about the CIA’s admission, finally, in this court case, as of today, by UPI, that in fact Reinhardt Gehlen was the real founder of the CIA. So it was founded by a Nazi. But the PR packaging was that Allen Dulles was the founder. So what happened is that – to really connect the dots, your listeners have to understand what happened in 1947 when the National Security Act was passed. And when the National Security Act was passed and the CIA was created – what was the very first thing they did and who did it – none other than Allen Dulles, they subverted the entire U.S. media, which is in my book, “Fixing America” coming out in two weeks with something called Operation Mockingbird. And what Operation Mockingbird did was go into every major news organization in the country – the New York Times, the Washington Post, all of the three networks, Scripps Howard newspapers, Newsweek, Time, AP, UPI - and they clamped the lid on what was acceptable news reporting, which every listener of yours knows because of your stand against the mainstream, corporate, Nazi media. It’s truer now than it was in 1947. So there is a black hole there.

AJ: And last year, we heard the Pentagon talk about its Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence, where they admitted they were going to plant fake stories here in the U.S.

JB: Correct, correct. And so what happened then in the mid-1970s… In 1945, Allen Dulles destroyed a lot of the Bush Nazi documents that were in the possession of the top Nazis, linking them to the Bush family and other prominent American families. Then in the mid-1970s, according to the sworn testimony of John Loftus, who is also in the Guardian story, the former U.S Justice Dept. Nazi war crimes prosecutor, Brown Brother Harriman, which still exists on Wall Street and still does business with the Nazi banks, Dresdner Bank, Deutsche bank, etc. They destroyed all of the documents in their possession and top management executives of Brown Brothers Harriman should be criminally prosecuted….

AJ: We’ve got to break


AJ: I want try to get this concept across to people. I wasn’t the only one who used this analogy. I think I was the first to do it but later the Washington Post, in an article, compared what George Bush was doing with bin Laden to what the emperor in Star War’s II “Attack of the Clones” was doing. You are saying, Alex, where are you going with this? Well, let’s use a children’s movie analogy so people can understand this. I imagine a lot of you and I’m not talking down to you. It was hard for me to get this concept. But in “Attack of the Clones” you have this leader of the senate, who is not yet the emperor. He’s really the head of this evil occult order that’s running things. And he needs to have a galaxy-wide crisis or series of crises to build up this giant imperial army so he can oppress the entire population of these systems. And to do that, he dispatches Darth Tyrannis who goes and creates these armies who then attack innocent planets. Then the leader of the senate, Darth Sidious, gets to pose as the good guy and say “we’ve got to have this giant galactic army and this empire to keep everybody safe.” And then in the last scene of the movie, in episode two, you have Darth Tyrannis, who is known as Count Dooku, as Osama bin Laden, as Mao Tse-Tung, as Adolph Hitler, as Manuel Noriega, as Saddam Hussein, he flies back then has a secret meeting with the new emperor. He’s now the emperor. And in the last scene as his star destroyer is taking off to the imperial battle march music.

And people reading this transcript later need to understand that I am using this as an analogy for the young people who are listening. And so the exact same thing that’s in a children’s movie, that children can get, is something adults and people of intelligence can’t understand. It’s just the historical fact. Our government went through Prussian-German intelligence, with British, Dutch and U.S. money, and Rothschild money, publicly took this young corporal, this intelligence chief who was spying on Germans after the war, hired him. He took over this weird workers’ party. He used the swastika as its symbol. He got Skull & Bones funding. And he took over Germany with billions of dollars of funding from the West. And he was never meant to win. He was meant to carry out his operation; then to make mistakes in the end – to lose. And then all of the double agents, all the Nazis that really worked for OSS were brought right back here to the U.S. and England to help start setting up the same system, to take all the tens of billions of dollars from people they had robbed in Europe, all the art caches, all the gold, all the diamonds - just giant trainloads of gold and diamonds. That was all taken here to the U.S. and England and used by the shadow government to start the drug dealing, to start the CIA, to start that, to build that up.

They simultaneously were building up the Russians and then gave them the bomb. They admit now they put Mao into power. I’ve seen the old CIA section chief a couple of years ago on the History Channel, admit they actually put Mao in and worked for the nationalists. They put Ho Chi Min in. They called Fidel Castro the Abraham Lincoln of the Caribbean. They put all these guys in. Eighteen-year old assassin Saddam Hussein, 1954, admitted – put into power in 1979, told to attack Iran, told to attack Kuwait. When he followed orders the second time, they came in and took his army out and then twelve-years later took him out. They do this over and over and over again. In Afghanistan, they flew out 8000 Taliban and al Qaeda leaders. This is admitted. Flew them out to safety. Grabbed a bunch of goat herders and shoemakers, people who had done nothing and took them to Camp X-ray to train you that torture was okay. They do this over and over. This is how they bring countries down. This is how they bring regions down. This is how they bring us into world war where they consolidate their power. So, again, if you want to grasp this, get the children’s movie, Star Wars II “The Attack of the Clones.” I’m not being condescending or sardonic. But it’s so simple, some people just can’t seem to understand it. And this is the facts of what’s going on. Alright, investigative journalist, award-winning reporter, John Buchanan continuing. We’re up to the 60s and 70s as they are still doing Nazi dealings, shedding documents, the Bushes and others, Nazis Reinhardt and Barbie and others found the CIA. They are protected, publicly. Please continue.

JB: Now, there is a very explosive new book out that your listeners need to be aware of and you need to post on your website because it has been spiked and covered-up. And it was a much anticipated book. The title of the book is “Prelude to Terror” and it’s by a noted intelligence expert and author named Joseph J. Trento. And this is probably the most important topic we are ever going to talk about Alex when it goes to the question of how 9/11 happened. In the mid-1970s when Daddy Bush became the director of the CIA, he had already, as you said, in Texas been known to associate with Nazis, Nazis worked in his congressional campaign, successful and unsuccessful.

And now we’re into the mid-1970s and he suddenly becomes director of the CIA. What’s the first thing he does when he gets into power at the CIA is that he collaborates with Nazis and terrorists and he builds, this is the point of the book “Prelude to Terror,” which is very well reported and documented. He builds a secret network within the CIA. Because of his lust for power and blood money, they engineer the October Surprise out of the Iran-Contra scandal. I’m sure you and many of your listeners know this name. It was the network within the CIA that included Nazis was headed by a very well-known rogue CIA agent and criminal and drug dealer named Ted Shackley. Ted Shackley engineered the October Surprise, got Ronald Reagan elected, got Carter dumped. Now, they are in the highest levels of power.

In 1982, John Loftus, who had been working as a very reputable and honorable Nazi war crimes prosecutor at the U.S. Justice Dept., broke the story of Nazis in high-ranking jobs in the U.S. government, including the White House. “60 Minutes” did that story in 1982 and it won an Emmy award for news reporting. That’s how John Loftus went backwards from that point on and got on the story of the Bush Nazi connection and their connection to the Holocaust. And he wrote a famous book in the early 1990s called “The Secret War Against the Jews” and his book is extremely well documented, as well.

So, until the early to mid-1980s, it is well documented now that because of Daddy Bush there were Nazi war criminals working in the U.S. government for salaries paid by U.S. tax dollars. Now we get to the problem. The question is why didn’t the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, UPI, Time magazine, Newsweek magazine and the three networks all get on that story in a feeding frenzy like they did against Nixon when the Watergate tapes turned up. And the answer to that question, you know very well, to go back to the Star Wars analogy – which is you can’t screw with Darth Vader. It’s very hard. The Bush family is the Darth Vader of the 20th and 21th Centuries. And Darth gets taken down at the end of the movie but it remains to be seen whether we the people can take down the Bush family and the Nazis before it’s too late. Because you and I both know what’s coming up before the election. There is going to be some kind of terrorist incident. They are going to declare martial law. They’re going to suspend the constitution. And to your listeners who have never heard me before, and to the younger listeners that you referenced, maybe I sound like a nut case. Maybe I sound like a paranoid. Maybe it’s absurd to some of your new listeners to think some guy is claiming there is going to be a terrorist attack and they are going to take down the constitution. Well, lo and behold, I now have in my possession from the Library of Congress on August the 10th, congressional testimony before the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and they were going to do exactly that in November of 1934.

Prescott Bush led a group called the American Liberty League in a treasonous conspiracy with JP Morgan and the DuPont family. He tried to overthrow the U.S. government. I’ve got the documents. They were going to abolish the presidency, make it a civil position, which was a dictatorship. And they were going to kill FDR.

One of the transcripts that I have – and I would even be happy to read some of it on the air now. They talked about Hitler being right. And that because the communists were such a threat to the U.S., that they were going to have to start rounding up unruly, unemployed people from the depression and uncooperative World War I veterans, who wanted the bonus they had been promised by Herbert Hoover and never got, and put them into internment camps.

AJ: Clearly, this anti-commie rhetoric is so their low-level agents think they are involved in some type of good fight. And we just see this over and over again. Whether they pull a staged attack before the election, which former CIA agent and chief advisor to Ronald Reagan is now saying – Ray McGovern. Quote: “There might be a real or staged terrorist attack in order to postpone the elections,” McGovern said. That was last week to a large university crowd in Florida. So, more and more people are saying this and whether it comes after the election regardless, they are setting it up to pull something like this. An old dog doesn’t learn new tricks, Folks. It’s the same thing over and over and over again. We’ll be right back.


AJ: I’m sorry we haven’t gone to calls yet. Your calls are coming up in the next segment. But this is all so important, we’ve got to go over it. This is who is running our society, our planet. And the Bushes are just high-level minions in all of this. You know, John Buchanan is stunned. He says Newsweek, Time, New York Times, they all have it but they don’t report on it. I mean they’ve got the mainstream news articles from the 40s saying this but they don’t report on it. Why is that? Well I mean look at Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he loves Hitler, wants to be like Hitler. He doesn’t care if Kurt Waldheim is a Nazi. He loves him and is going to go campaign for him. And look again, the UN having Kurt Waldheim when he is a known Nazi. It’s the whole system. And the Nazis are highly respected by the New World Order; they’re beloved. They were put in key positions and they’re still in key positions. And their children and grandchildren are in key positions today. Arnold can go to a body-building contest and say that he hates black people and scream the N-word but there’s a news blackout on that – even though it’s admitted. Arnold can do all of this because he is above analysis, above criticism, because he is part of this nest. And now he’s positioned as a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, the head of the 5th largest economy in the world and they’ve got bills, openly introduced, so he can be president – to repeal the 22nd Amendment. That’s another case point example of this Nazi vein running from end-to-end throughout the government. John Buchanan?

JB: And I would like to make a critical point there that I would like your listeners, from all walks of life, that you have to listen to with an open mind. And that is when you get right down to it and you think about the world of today in the United States, what was Nazism and what was it all about? And if you ask me, Alex, all it came down to, when you take away all the horror and the Holocaust and everything else, is that a particular group of people felt superior to everyone else. And they felt or they were convinced by a leader that because the country was under threat from the communists and the terrorists, etc. that it was okay to suspend habeas corpus, suspend laws, put the brown-shirts in, start beating people up, start incarcerating people and ultimately start executing people. Now, that said, I’d like your listeners to keep an open mind and take a deep breath because I’m going to read directly from the Congressional testimony two statements. French testified that – Gerald C. McGuire was the name of the lead plotter who set up the coup attempt for JP Morgan and the Bush family. French testified that McGuire stated, “We need a Fascist government in this country to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America. The only men who have patriotism to do it are the soldiers and Gen. Smedley Butler is the ideal leader.”

In another section, a journalist who brought the plot down, his name was Paul Connely French, an American hero who nobody has ever heard of, who testified before the committee. He wrote at the time for the New York Post and the Philadelphia Record. So this is Mr. French – and he had talked to the plotters. They were so arrogant, Alex. They were so drunk with their own power after bringing Hitler to power, which had just happened, that they talked to this reporter on the record. Mr. French: “That is precisely the impression I gained from him. He had a very brilliant solution of the unemployment situation. He said that Roosevelt has muffed it terrifically but that he had the plan. He had seen it in Europe. It was a plan that Hitler had used in putting all of the unemployed in labor camps or barracks for enforced labor. That would solve it overnight. And he said that when they got into power that is what they would do. That was the ideal plan. Hitler was right.”

To your reporting earlier on the national identity, he goes on: “He had another suggestion – to register all persons, all over the country, like they do in Europe. He said that would stop a lot of these communist agitators who were running around the country. They’d know who the people were. They’d know who were making the trouble. They’d know who were trying to overthrow the government. And they’d go get them.”

I hope your listeners, Alex, are chilled to the bone by hearing that. That is from the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of November 29th, 1934, secretly convened in New York City. McCormick went on to become Speaker of the House and be another uncredited American hero, one of the few bona fide heroes ever in Congress that’s in a dust bin of history……

AJ: Let me stop you and add this. Again, meanwhile they were funding all the communists at the very same time.

JB: Correct, they were funding Mussolina, Stalin – you got it.

AJ: And then they would tell the low-level generals and colonels, “Men, we’ve got to stop the commies. You’ve got to take everybody’s rights.” Just like today. You’ve got to take everybody’s rights to stop al Qaeda. Meanwhile, it’s really al CIAeda. Are you starting to get this? We’ll come back and cover a little bit more on this incredible story and then start taking your calls.


AJ: Now, look at America, look at the police state, the national ID card in this new bill, Patriot Act II in this new bill they’ve introduced. Open discussions of putting people in camps who disagree with the government by Michael Weiner, known as Michael Savage, and by Michelle Malkin, “Well, you know, camps might be needed.” All of this atmosphere, this backdrop there, it’s really happening. Seven million people in prison. Up from 1.3 million just nine years ago. They’re saying there will soon be 30 million in prison. They are building more prisons. The economy is shifting towards this command and control total police state owned by the terrorists, owned by the drug dealers, owned by the criminals. And if we don’t face this horror and stand up against it, it’s only going to get worse. We’ve got a fighting chance. Alright, John Buchanan, any other comments before we go to these calls.

JB: Yeah, before you go to the calls, Alex, I’d like to read one section from the McCormick-Dickstein Committee. And, again, I would like your listeners and I would like you, and I would like every Christian out there especially – since you invoke your Christianity often and I am the grandson of a Methodist minister – I am going to read one more section and then I would like your listeners to call in.

AJ: First, let me ask you this. You said you were going to mail me these documents today, John?

JB: Yes.

AJ: So as soon as you are off the air, you are going to mail me these documents.

JB: I’m going to send them and you will have them tomorrow. That’s correct.

AJ: Awesome, and again, thirteen-page article in the London Guardian. John told me about this three weeks ago. He’s been in contact with them for months, feeding them the info. They went to the National Archives, got it for themselves but – go ahead.

JB: Okay, when you bear in mind what I already read about rounding up trouble-makers and putting them in internment camps and the national ID system that Hitler and Mussolini had used 70 years ago, I’m going to just read a short section and then look forward to the calls. This is Paul Connely French again, the acclaimed journalist who broke the story and ended the coup with Smedley Butler.

“During the conversation, he (meaning McGuire again, during the conversation) he told me he had been in Italy and Germany during the summer of 1934 and the spring of 1934, and had made an intensive study of the background of the Nazi and Fascist movements and how the veterans had played a part in them. He said he obtained enough information on the Fascists and Nazi movements and the part played by the veterans to properly set up one in this country.”

Here comes the punch line - think today, think George W. Bush and every speech out of his mouth.

“He emphasized throughout his conversation with me that the whole thing was tremendously patriotic. That it was saving the nation from communists and that the men they deal with have that cracked-brain idea that the communists are going to take it apart.”

If you substitute terrorists for communists and you look at the pennants and symbols of fascism like bunting, label pins, patriotic speeches and etc., Alex, history is about to repeat itself. And if the families of young children in this country, like yourself, don’t stand up right here, right now, before this election, the constitution is going to be flushed down the toilet. And you and I are going to be among the first people rounded up and put into FEMA camps. And you and I talked about that in New York. And you have young children and I don’t. So I fear more for you than I do for myself. And your listeners need to get in every school classroom, every college and university campus, their workplaces, their factories, their penthouse offices, their condos, their neighborhoods and we need to bring the wrath of God down on the American government between now and Nov. 2. We cannot wait.

AJ: Let me just add this. They’ve got the election fixed either way with Kerry, with the same interconnections leading back. But regardless, you mean just raise the awareness so people know the real issues. Certainly, they train the National Guard and State National Guard all the different groups to do this. They are not going to get away with it. I have the 1980 hearings with Oliver North in my film “The Takeover” where they go, Congressman Jack Brooks goes, “Col. North, we have your documents here and it’s been in the Miami papers for plans for martial law and to put people in camps.” And the Chairman goes, “We will not talk about that now. That is executive session.” They’ve been planning and wanting this for a long time. But I think they lack the political will now, without another giant terror attack, and now the polls showing that half of New Yorkers think that the government was behind 9/11. I don’t think they are going to get away with it. I think they are going to continually pull this incremental march because we are standing up, because we are fighting.

JB: Correct, because the media – you mentioned the Zogby poll, I was in New York the opening night of the convention when the Zogby poll came out. And not only did the media spike the Zogby poll but we were not able to get one single member of the U.S. Congress to speak out about it, including Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer, who are now on my treason list. When we line them up and shoot them, Alex, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer will be in the front row and ought to have their brains blown out by a firing squad. They are guilty of treason. They are guilty….

AJ: John, John, you can’t talk like that. I wish no harm upon any of these people. These are just high level puppets and you might want to retract that statement.

JB: Well, I mean symbolically. They are guilty of treason and they do not have the courage to even issue a one sentence press release as representatives of New Yorkers, where two-thirds, as you know, wanted an investigation of 9/11 because the 9/11 Commission failed. And they wouldn’t even issue a simple statement acknowledging the poll and saying there should be such an investigation. So, if the Congress has gone south and nobody will stand up or get any press attention. And the mainstream corporate-controlled press won’t report these stories. What I said to you the first time you had me on was that leaves we the people. And if we the people can’t rise up, like you say, and everybody tell someone else about your show and tell someone else about your show, and then they watch your videos, they find out things like I learned from “911-The Road to Tyranny” – which I didn’t know in the context we are talking about that they were already doing military drills for how to put down domestic insurgency and stuff….

AJ: The grand prize is giant prison camps everywhere, all the giant prisons, private prisons they own, being able to take all the pension funds, getting rid of all the jobs. They say the high-tech layoffs are going to get seven times worse. What I’m trying to say to you John is that I truly wish no harm upon these puppets. The globalists have to go out and create their own events to try to scare us into submission. And I know you read the Nazi documents, you know how evil some of these globalists are. But, for the record, you need – certainly, I want to say it again – I wish no harm upon anyone in this government. I want them to be brought to justice with a jury of their peers.

JB: I agree completely with that sentiment but I wonder - you know the only deep fear that I have, Alex, is whether the American people, far beyond your audience which is heroic and has done a lot of good things like passing anti-Patriot Act local legislation and stuff like you did in Austin, Texas. But my only fear and it’s a serious fear is whether the American people have the will to come together to rise up before it’s too late.


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