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Leaked Document: Israel Almost Nuked Syria

Tehran Times | September 30 2004

Hot on the heels of Israel’s controversial nuclear threats, new revelations have emerged about the Zionist regime’s nuclear weapons program.

Israeli researcher Ronen Bergman recently wrote a book published in occupied Palestine in which he discussed the decisions made by the Zionist regime over the years about using nuclear weapons against Arab countries.

Excerpts of the book were reprinted last week in the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot.

According to Bergman, in 1973 then Zionist regime defense minister Moshe Dayan ordered the commander of the Israeli army to prepare a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to destroy the Syrian capital Damascus.

The new revelations about the Zionist military’s nuclear plans show that Israel has no qualms about using nuclear weapons against regional countries.

Israel has two main objectives in permitting the publication of a book about its nuclear weapons program.

The Zionist regime has always tried to conceal its military plans involving nuclear weapons and the activities at its nuclear installations out of fear of a backlash in the international arena.

However, the leaking of authentic documents about Israel’s nuclear weapons program and the revelations made by nuclear experts like Mordechai Vanunu as well as mounting international pressure have prevented the Zionist regime from continuing the concealment of its nuclear weapons.

Israeli officials know that sooner or later they will be forced to admit they possess nuclear weapons. Therefore, they intend to prepare the ground for a formal announcement about their nuclear arsenal by gradually revealing information on the issue.

In fact, the Zionist regime intends to create an atmosphere of fear and terror in the Middle East with the aim of destroying all opposition to its expansionist policies by announcing that it possesses nuclear weapons and that it will not hesitate to use them against regional countries in a worst-case scenario.

Thus, in view of the new revelations that the use of nuclear weapons is part of the Zionist regime’s military doctrine, serious efforts should be made to respond to Israel’s nuclear threats.


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