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Adam Gadahn: Domesticating the Fake al-Qaeda Threat

Kurt Nimmo | September 13 2005

It is certainly no coincidence an American al-CIA-duh patsy, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, was splashed all over the corporate media on the anniversary of nine eleven. “The video features an American-sounding man with a concealed face whom officials believe to be Adam Yahiye Gadahn, an Islamic convert from Southern California wanted for questioning by the FBI,” reports ABC News. “Officials say an American speaker may have been chosen to issue the threat against Los Angeles to make the message appear more ominous.” Or he was “chosen” by his intelligence handlers for another reason—to once again give us the impression American miscreants are involved with al-Qaeda, an organization in large part responsible for the boast that the Afghan operation was the most successful in the CIA’s history (in fact so successful the CIA continued to use the intelligence contrivance and its derivatives in Chechnya, Dagestan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and elsewhere).

Connecting the dots, ABC, fulfilling its role as a spinner of Bushian myths, tells us so-called “officials” (habitually nameless) harbor concerns “about US cells supporting Al Qaeda” that are supposedly “heightened by the July 7 bombings in London, in which four British Muslims killed themselves and 52 other people.” It apparently does not matter at all that the London bombings were never connected to al-Qaeda or for that matter were the perpetrators ever satisfactorily identified (since they were conveniently blown to smithereens, or so we are told)—in Bushzarro (and Blairzarro) world, all terrorism stems from a single source—an evil and omnipotent clan of medieval Muslim cave dwellers who took their name from an intelligence database. As if to spike Adam Yahiye Gadahn’s absurd performance, Lord Stevens, former metropolitan London police commissioner, revealed his assertion “terrorists plotted to assassinate British Prime Minister Tony Blair during the Queen’s golden jubilee celebrations in London 3 years ago,” according to Rediff. Since Blair was actually never in danger, he was “absolutely unfazed” and “Blair and his wife said they were determined to continue to take part, spurning bulletproof vests.” How brave.

It was a little more than a week ago a federal appeals court panel (stuffed with Bushites) ruled that the government does not have to charge former Chicago gang-banger Jose Padilla with a crime and can hold him forever, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, as a so-called “enemy combatant.” Judge J. Michael Luttig—appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit by Dubya’s daddy—made up a lie when he wrote upon the ruling: “Padilla, after all, in addition to supporting hostile forces in Afghanistan and taking up arms against our troops on a battlefield in that country … also came to the United States in order to commit future acts of terrorism against U.S. citizens and targets.” Luttig’s assertion is a lie because Padilla has never seen the inside of a courtroom (once upon a time a guaranteed right for all accused Americans under the Constitution), where the accused were allowed to face accusers and be judged by a jury of peers. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has made a shameful mockery of this process.

Now we are told Adam Gadahn is on the loose. “The Herald Sun found Mr. Gadahn is the son of a psychedelic musician, Phil Pearman, who changed the family name to Gadahn and dropped out of society to become a goat farmer in Winchester, south of Los Angeles,” writes Nick Papps. “During his teens, he began to rebel against his family and society, developing a love for death metal music, and in 1993, at 15, he moved out of home to live with his grandparents. Later, on a university website where he wrote of his conversion to Islam, Mr. Gadahn recalled how he ‘had become obsessed with demonic heavy metal music, something the rest of my family (as I now realize, rightfully so) was not happy with.’” Soon thereafter, he attended a mosque in California’s Orange County and was eventually trolled in by al-CIA-duh.

Gadahn, the screwed up son of a California hippie, and Padilla, a Chicago gang-banger known to succumb to road rage, are part and parcel of the American pastiche—and thus the threat they allegedly present is ubiquitous. In effort to combat this pervasive threat, we must surrender our rights, stretching back to the Magna Carta of 1215, the “Great Charter” which limited the absolute power of monarchs over common men and served as the foundation for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our monarch, George W. Bush, and his crew of neocon and neolib racketeers, are determined to dismantle our liberty through concocted terrorism. Gadahn and Padilla are the next step in this fake terrorist plot, transferring the threat closer to home, from distant and alien cave-dwelling Muslims to American kids seduced by Islam in the heartland.

Of course, the Gadahns and Padillas are rare birds and few and far between (as intelligence patsies are usually small in number) but the point here is not to guard against homegrown Islamic enemies but rather the enemies of state (as defined by their opposition to tyranny and criminal rulers) who are much larger in number. Now that a Bush Senior crony has ruled Americans can be tossed in military dungeons without due process of law (thus egregiously violating the Sixth Amendment), the time has arrived to create the impression (via fake terrorists issuing fake videos) that more Americans may need to be tossed in military brigs, never to be seen or heard from again (since the “war on terror” will last forever, or at least a generation or two). Rest assured—on the day a “suitcase nuke” is detonated somewhere in America—not only will Muslims be rounded up (employing recent lessons learned in New Orleans) but a litany of others, especially those who demand the rule of law below followed to the letter and speak out against the obvious dismantlement of the Constitution. Such Americans may soon be tackled, disarmed, trundled off in the night, or simply shot outright.

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