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'Excuse me Condi, can I go to the bathroom?'

London Times/Philippe Naughton | September 16 2005

President Bush had a more pressing worry than terrorism or reforming the United Nations during a Security Counil meeting in New York yesterday - the leader of the world's only superpower wanted to go the loo.

At one point during the Council's debate on international security and UN reform, Mr Bush picked up a pencil and wrote a short note to Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State.

"I think I may need a bathroom break? Is this possible?" the note read.

The photograph, taken by a Reuters photographer, was widely reposted and discussed on the internet - including a piece on the influential Drudge Report under the title "Bush Needs to Go Potty".

Some 150 world leaders are in Manhattan for the meeting of the UN General Assembly, at which Mr Bush issued a call yesterday to "tear down the walls" betwen rich and poor nations.

"We need to give the citizens of the poorest nations the same ability to access the world economy that the people of wealthy nations have, so they can offer their goods and talents on the world market," he said.

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