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Nightmare Racism and Open Call for Revolution: Alex Jones Reports on Mexican Independence Day in Austin, Texas
Demonstrators’ Shirts Made Reference to the Plan of San Diego, a Genocide Operation against Whites over 16

Alex Jones/ | September 19 2005

I am extremely depressed and have the feeling of being struck by a thunderbolt. Words cannot describe what I witnessed. For that reason, as the pain of what I’ve seen will take some time to percolate and dissipate, this is going to be part one of a three part series.

First off, anyone who knows me and the body of my work knows that I stand up for the little guy. Whether it’s innocent black farmers in Tulia, Texas being framed by racist white cops, or innocent Hispanic youth laboring in the modern slave fields of corporate prisons, I’m there standing up for them.

Earlier this year, when a young Hispanic man named Daniel Rocha was shot in the back for absolutely no reason by a female APD officer, I called for her indictment. I interviewed multiple organizations that were trying to get the word out about his tragic death.

I have protested the Ku Klux Klan at least 10 times – and by protest I don’t mean that I’ve trailed along in the back of a counter rally.

I have led demonstrations. I have bull horned the toothless ne’er-do-wells at point blank range and have been the target of their death threats right in front of the police, who did nothing.

When a young black girl was falsely accused of abusing a baby, we rallied to her cause and she was found not-guilty. When US Marines shot the young Texas goat herder, Esequiel "Zeke" Hernandez, we sent cameras to the border and did dozens of reports on the case.

If I attempted to give you a bibliography of everything I’ve done in defense of the disadvantaged, it would fill a volume. What is the point I’m making? I don’t have any guilt. I don’t dislike people because of where they’re from or because of their race. I work hard every day of my life to fight tyranny and corruption in places high and low to defend the dignity of the human spirit.

For many years, I have been aware of the Atzlan reconquista movement, which openly states that it wishes to take over the United States Southwest from California to Louisiana, reunite it with Mexico and forcibly drive out all whites, as well as many blacks, from these states.

Then I began to learn that Dies y Seis celebrations around the country, which in the past were simply fun equivalents of a Mexican Saint Patrick’s Day, were being infiltrated by extremist Mexican hate groups.

I talked to some of the groups that were planning to participate in the Dies y Seis parade through downtown Austin this year and it only reaffirmed my previous research that there was a powerful revolutionary core in these groups dedicated to overthrowing Texas and setting up a racial state.

Being a minority (that’s right, whites are now the minority in Texas and in five other states), this was of great concern to me. I put the call out a day before the parade to my radio listeners that all Americans who understood the threat of the reconquistas and their corporate funders in Washington should assemble in front of the Capitol to simply educate other well-meaning celebrants who hadn’t realized that the Atzlan crowd had co-opted their parade.

Our press release that was sent to the media clearly stated that we were there to expose racist groups that were preaching their message in the Hispanic community, and that these groups were creating division that was detrimental to everyone.

Of course, this meant absolutely nothing to the corporate media, who universally went with the line (in four different news stations’ reports and in different newspapers) that what happened was a clash between minutemen (there wasn’t one minuteman in attendance) and loving, wonderful, pure, sweet, innocent people who “just wanted to celebrate Mexican independence.”

The controlled media continued their lies by running multiple quotes by parade marchers and Congressman Lloyd Doggett that basically anyone questioning anything was a Ku Klux Klan member.

Our crowd of about a hundred consisted of at least 15 Hispanics and 10 blacks. We have actual TV news reports that show some of these Hispanics and blacks who were with our protest in which they are falsely depicted as being with the other side. In one news clip by News 8 Austin, a young Hispanic girl is wearing an infowars "tyranny response team" t-shirt, but the clip implies that she was protesting us (while she’s talking on my bullhorn).

Why does the corporate media have such a stake in making this a white vs. brown debate? Answer: divide and conquer.

(Oh, by the way, if any damages are accrued by these lies, people are going to get sued. Folks who know our history know that’s not a bluff.)

What did we witness? Why am I so upset?

At least a third of the participants we talked to said that Texas was Mexico and that they were taking over. Of this third their responses ranged from a belief that our two countries would merge into one nation to that all whites would be killed and that the entirety of the Americas would only be for “indigenous peoples.”

Of course the haters shouting all of this had European Spanish blood coursing through their veins.

In parts two and three, I will detail the long trail of horrors that I witnessed as well as posting a lengthy video report documenting our claims. We have ten hours of footage from four cameras, which includes people frothing and screaming racist comments and then calling us racists for saying that we should all live together in peace.

Near the end of the melee, one of my Hispanic friends walked over to me and began pointing out people wearing shirts promoting the author of the Plan of San Diego. Another friend who has taken Latin-American studies pointed out another shirt directly mentioning the Plan of San Diego.

Folks, every time I think I know everything about Texas history, I learn how ignorant I am. I asked my friends what the Plan of San Diego was and they told me that it was a plan in Northern Mexico and throughout the Southwest hatched in 1915 that called for the genocide of all white males over 16.

I’ve known my friends for many years, but I couldn’t believe them. I got home and spent three hours on the Internet at the University of Texas’ historical website, at other universities’ websites in Mexico and Illinois, and on the website of the Hispanic Historical Society.

What I learned chilled me. They didn’t just write up a plan, they acted upon it, killing at least 21 white males in South Texas in cold-blooded murder. We’re talking helter-skelter, Charlie Manson-type cold-blooded murder of random white ranchers and farmers: cornering people and hacking them up.

I then found websites making excuses for it, saying, “well, whites did this to natives…” Yes they did. Select military units did, which should have been brought to justice for their actions. And I’ve spoken out against them, be it Wounded Knee or Waco.

Think about it: full-grown adult men with their families wearing shirts calling for killing all white males above 16. Will there be a genetic test? Will Hispanics who are more than half white be killed? How far will this racial state go?

This is the nightmare of tribalism. As this intensifies it’s only going to create friction on both sides. None of us are going to be safe, whether we’re from India, Mexico or Germany.

Speaking of Germany, the German government got wind of the plan of San Diego, endorsed it in 1917 and attempted to fun an insurrection in the United States during WWI. The same thing happened in WWII.

Reading on the Hispanic Historical Society’s website, I learned that Hispanics and whites were getting along wonderfully -- obviously, many of the founders of Texas and its solders were Tejano. But, after repeated wars and skirmishes with Mexico and the plan of San Diego becoming widely publicized a racist sentiment against innocent Hispanics exploded.

We cannot let that happen here. We have got to get the Hispanic community to expose these vipers in their midst. The Federal government, in the name of “keeping us all safe from each other,” would love to use something like this as an excuse to set up an incredibly powerful police state.

I don’t want Hispanics looking at whites with fear, nor do I want whites looking at Hispanics with fear. We’re all human beings. Empires have always used divide and conquer to manipulate.

The reconquista movement has big corporate funding. In almost every case we’ve researched, rich white men are behind the neo-Aztec movement. One businessman in California bought almost 700 signs telling the public that Los Angeles is now Mexico. This is an attempt to create false pride by which people can be easily steered.

Part Two coming soon.



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