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Don't Write Off The Enquirer Bush Drunk Story Too Easily

Wayne Madsen | September 23 2005

Much is being made of a recent National Enquirer report regarding George W. Bush's hitting the bottle. It should be noted that the Enquirer has historically hired legitimate journalist stringers who use pen names to mask their true identities, particularly on political stories.

The Bush boozing story is not a new one. The editor has heard of and written about Bush's drinking bouts since 2001. The "choking pretzel" incident had nothing to do with a pretzel but was a carefully contrived story used to cover up a Bush drinking spree that resulted in his passing out on a coffee table in the White House second floor residence and injuring his face. Ditto the numerous cases of Bush falling off a bike somewhere to explain further wounds on his face. Back in college, we used to call that getting "s**t-faced drunk." Apparently, Mr. Bush still thinks he's in college.

Frat boy George: Still getting "s**t-faced"

The White House press corps has been whispering about Bush's drinking over the past few years. None dare write or speak about it lest their credentials are lifted and further access cut off by the most vindictive White House in American history.

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