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Police State Porn In Italian Fashion Magazine

Prison | September 13 2006

These fashions shots feature in a current issue of an Italian fashion magazine.

Women are shown being physically assaulted by riot police, terrorized by dogs in Abu Ghraib style surroundings, and submitting to invasive TSA body scans and search procedures. In later shots, the models are shown working with 'terror cops' firing giant machine guns.

Is the photographer trying to make a serious point about police brutality and the erosion of our freedoms or is he using police state porn to sell clothes?

Wait for the flash showcase above to download and judge for yourself. Click 'next' in the lower right hand side of the frame to cycle through the images.

The comments on a fashion forum are not very encouraging. Half of these vacuous air-heads applaud the clothes and hairstyles of the models and don't even address the context. Why should that surprise us? The neo-nazi fashion fascists are more concerned about looking like a member of the super race than their own God given rights.

Click here for enlargements of the entire set of pictures.

"State of Emergency," a most disturbing fashion pictorial shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, September 2006. Models: Hilary Rhoda & Iselin Steiro.


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