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Enslaved, Butchered Chinese Need a Thai-Style Revolution
Question For The State Department: Are Illegal Organ Transplants Still An Urban Myth?

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | September 28 2006

Just over a year ago the U.S. State Department issued a press release on its website that sought to debunk alleged "conspiracy theories" and help people identify misinformation. One of those "urban myths" was the illegal trade in the sale of organs. There is no truth to the rumor that the State Department was able to accurately verify the existence of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

The practice of the despotic Communist Chinese government coordinating a policy whereby political dissidents, peaceful religious practitioners and the homeless are rounded up, kept in prisons, and butchered upon the whim of a rich westerner requiring a new kidney has been known for years.

A new undercover BBC report only further confirms this ghoulish affront to human dignity and goes further in revealing that organs are particularly plentiful during the holiday season - because there are more public executions from which victim's organs are harvested.

The State Department classifies the existence of an illegal trade that murders people for their organs as "unfounded fears."

I demand the State Department retract its ridiculous denial of the existence of the illegal organ trade and remove every page which trashes truth activists as urban myth progenitors. You should do the same by e mailing them. The real protagonist of urban myths is the State Department itself - well versed in its role as government apologist in chief, and central in the promulgation of another "urban myth," the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

China is hailed as a world role model by the UN and pontificating scumbags in business suits graciously applaud its economic success while the country's communist tyrants craft policies of brutally enforced sterilization, relocation and abortion. And when Chinese dissidents in the US attempt to blow the whistle on these Mengele-style practices, they are vilified by the American media, the so-called watchdogs of the "land of the free."

More like land of the cowards, home of the slaves.

While Americans get fat and obsess about Paris Hilton's DUI, their government openly writes legislation authorizing the sexual molestation and torture of children.

Meanwhile, infuriated Chinese peasant farmers in the south revolt against the brutal PLA armed with nothing more than spades and garden forks.

Shame on America - we thought the entrenched legacy established by the founding fathers would never be displaced in the eyes of history but the past two generations of U.S. citizens are doing their level best to ensure the country will be defined by its populace of gutless sheep who have about as much backbone as a dead jellyfish.

But don't expect China to be kicked out of the UN - that oh so benevolent organization is too busy giving "cultural diversity" awards to brutal dictators who like to boil innocent people alive.

Chinese dissidents need to rise up, organize and form a united front against their mass murdering hereditary dictatorship government or sell their own children into slavery for generations to come. They need to enact a Thai-style coup and politically decapitate their oppressors even at the risk of a 21st century Tiananmen Square.

The tree of liberty needs to be occasionally watered by the blood of patriots. I challenge the Chinese people to throw off the illusory chains these human worms have shackled upon you and be remembered in eternity for standing up for what matters.


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