Officer On Leave After Woman Tasered

Thursday September 20, 2007


The Warren Police Department is under fire for another accusation of abuse of force.

The latest incident happened during a September second arrest in the parking lot of a popular nightclub.

33 news is the only station that requested the dash camera video of the arrest.

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Reporter Peggy Sinkovich and photographer Nck Rich show us the video and reaction from city officials.

We warn you some sequences of this video are graphic and very disturbing.

It's this shocking video that has warren city officials in an uproar.

It shows a woman being tasered numerous times by warren police officer Rich Kovach.

Who had been called to the Up The Creek Bar back on September 2nd, for a disturbance inside the night club, after being handcuffed.

The woman was placed in the back of Kovach's cruiser.

At one point she can been seen trying to kick out the window of the car and Kovach tasers her again.

Afterward the video shows the woman distraught and pleading for him to stop, but Kovach can be heard screaming at her.

Finally other officers arrive at the scene and Kovach removes the woman from his car.

As she is walking out of the frame, she is tasered again, the horrified expressions of onlookers can be seen on the tape.

Kovach in his report claims the woman fell after being tasered again.

This time falling to the ground and being knocked unconscious.

City officials saw the tape for the very first time with me this afternoon, and i spoke with them afterward.

Doug Franklin, Safety-Service Director says, "Yes, we placed him on administrative leave...terms of that."

Although this incident happened september second the only action police officials took was to reassign Kovach to other duties.

It was not until today, that Kovach was actually placed on leave, which happens to also be the day we asked for the tape.

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