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As Chuck E. Cheese Goes So Goes America

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The American Dream
Friday, March 16, 2012

Why are wild brawls breaking out at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants all over the United States?  Sadly, the epidemic of Chuck E. Cheese fights that we have seen in recent months is just another symptom of what is happening to America on a larger scale.  The truth is that the fabric of our society is slowly but surely coming apart, and the rest of the world is laughing at us.  But it is really sad to see Chuck E. Cheese become known more for brawls than for entertainment.  When I was a kid, I loved to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  The combination of pizza, arcade games and animatronic music shows was irresistible.  But if you go to Chuck E. Cheese today, there is a chance that you might get taken out of there in an ambulance.  In Susquehanna, Pennsylvania police were called out to one particular Chuck E. Cheese restaurant 17 times in just one recent 18 month time period.  Of course it is not just Chuck E. Cheese that is having these kinds of problems.  All over the nation we are seeing brawls break out in public places, we are seeing thieves become incredibly bold, and we are seeing a general breakdown in civilized behavior.  So where does America go from here?

That is a very good question.

If we are seeing parents brawl with each other in front of their children at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants all over America, what does that say about the character of our citizens?

Susquehanna Police Chief Robert Martin told ABC News the followingabout why there have been so many of these brawls in his neck of the woods….

“It got crowded, and kids would run into each other or fight over games, which would lead to parents getting involved in fights.”

When I was growing up I don’t remember parents getting into wild brawls.

So what has changed?

These days, many Americans seem to be so “on edge” that just about anything can cause them to snap.  The following is what one mother remembers after being brutally attacked by another mother while at Chuck E. Cheese….

“All I remember was hitting the floor and being kicked again and again in the head,” she told “Nightline.” “I think her husband jumped in and was kicking me too.”

Clifton said she believes she was targeted because her children were taking too long in the photo booth.

“My daughter threw up, and another one of the children wet their pants because they were so scared,” she said.

If you go on to YouTube and do a search for “Check E. Cheese fight” it will bring up dozens and dozens of search results.

But of course the same could be said about Denny’s, IHOP and McDonald’s too.

The Chuck E. Cheese brawls are particularly disturbing because Chuck E. Cheese is supposed to be a place for children.  It is supposed to be a place where they can feel safe and forget about the worries of the world for a little while.

Unfortunately, Chuck E. Cheese is now a place where violence could break out at any time.  For example, the following is a news report about a 60 year old grandmother that was taken away in an ambulance after being brutally attacked at a Chuck E. Cheese in Michigan….

This next video is a compilation of news reports about brawls at Chuck E. Cheese put together by Current TV….

If you want to see more you can go on to YouTube and watch restaurant brawl videos from all over America for hours.

So why are Americans acting this way?

What is causing all of this anger and frustration to come out?

Up in Massachusetts, one very angry father brutally assaulted a 6th grade basketball coach after his son’s team lost a recent game and actually bit off a piece of his ear.

Why would someone do something like that?

Of course the economy has gotten much worse over the past few years, but certainly that can’t account for all of this behavior, can it?

Another very disturbing trend is that thieves all over America are becoming much bolder and are stealing things that you normally wouldn’t think they would steal.

For example, Tide detergent has become a form of alternative currency in many urban areas and there is now an epidemic of Tide thefts from coast to coast.

Yes, really.

The following is from a recent article from The Daily….

Theft of Tide detergent has become so rampant that authorities from New York to Oregon are keeping tabs on the soap spree, and some cities are setting up special task forces to stop it. And retailers like CVS are taking special security precautions to lock down the liquid.

One Tide taker in West St. Paul, Minn., made off with $25,000 in the product over 15 months before he was busted last year.

“That was unique that he stole so much soap,” said West St. Paul Police Chief Bud Shaver. “The name brand is [all] Tide. Amazing, huh?”

Tide has become a form of currency on the streets. The retail price is steadily high — roughly $10 to $20 a bottle — and it’s a staple in households across socioeconomic classes.

Special “task forces” to deal with Tide theft?

That can’t be a good sign.

In some communities across America, thieves has become so desperate that they are literally tearing apart buildings brick by brick.  Just check out what is happening over in St. Louis….

The bandits who are slowly dismantling north St. Louis — brick by brick — are becoming more daring these days.

Architectural historian Michael Allen, who has perhaps written more than anyone on the subject of brick thievery, notes on his blog that the mason rustlers are now working heavily trafficked streets north of Delmar Boulevard.

“Brick thieves apparently have carte blanche to harvest building stock on the north side’s busiest streets,” writes Allen, who reports that two abandoned properties on Page and St. Louis avenues have recently been targeted.

When Americans start tearing apart their own communities in a desperate attempt to find things to sell, that is a clear indication that our social decay has gotten quite bad.

There are millions of Americans out there that are desperate and hungry and that don’t really care how their actions affect the public.

In New Haven, Connecticut thieves have been stealing dozens of sewer grates….

Police in New Haven are trying to figure out who’s been swiping dozens of sewer grates from city streets.

Fair Haven Heights has been hit hard. At almost every turn of Russell Street new grates are visible. Police say they’re replacing them as fast as they can.

As economic conditions get even worse, there are going to be even more desperate criminals running around looking for anything that they can steal and sell.

Nobody is going to be immune from this.

Already, there are some thieves that are even stealing from churches….

A local church has become the latest victim of the growing number of copper thefts in Burke County.

Congregants at Willow Tree AME Church reported Saturday that someone stripped four heat pumps at the 2500 Willow Tree Church Road building, according to a sheriff’s report. Damage was estimated at $18,000.

The Rev. Rupert G. Ferguson said his parishioners are irate about the theft.

Each year, a couple million more Americans fall into poverty and right now there are an all-time record 46.5 million Americans on food stamps.

There is a whole lot of economic suffering going on in this nation right now, and there are an increasing number of Americans that will do just about anything for money.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

In Ohio, two men recently abducted a family dog and held it for ransom.

How would you feel if that was your dog?

In America today, people are becoming very cold-hearted and many people are only looking out for themselves and for their own families.

When our economy really starts falling apart, there are going to be millions of desperate people out there that will not hesitate to steal the things that you own if it will make things better for them.

So don’t ignore what is going on at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants right now.

The fights and the brawls at Chuck E. Cheese are symptoms of what is happening to America on a larger scale.

Our country is changing and it is not emotionally prepared for what is about to happen.

Let us hope for the best for America, but let us also prepare for the worst.

This article was posted: Friday, March 16, 2012 at 3:56 am

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