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As Egypt Burns, Obama “Strongly Condemns” Violence From Martha’s Vineyard Vacation House

Zero Hedge [1]
August 15, 2013

Those damn Egyptians are so inconsiderate: first they non-coup just when John Kerry is busy honing his sailing skills. Now, the non-coupy country breaks out in civil war just as Obama is on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Well, Egypt may be important enough to serve as a middleman when the US pays Lockheed Martin using Egypt as a dumb intermediary, but is obviously not important enough for Obama to cancel his vacation. Moments ago in an audio-only presentation (couldn’t russle enough Martha’s Vineyardians for the podium behind him? Were his sleeves rolled up? Was he reading from paper or a teleprompter? The people demand to know), Obama joined Kerry in “strongly condemning” the violence that according to some has already spilled over into all out civil war.

Some of the highlights:

Full speech as soon as we get it but in the meantime the message is clear: will Egypt please hurry up and blow up in mushroom cloud of smoke – the US needs to boost its deficit spending immediately as otherwise Bernanke’s monetizing buttons are tied.