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As Financial Collapse Looms, The Feds Scapegoat White Right-Wingers

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Saman Mohammadi
Aug 9, 2012

The financial collapse of the United States is about to become a reality. The federal government and the military establishment have already taken measures to prepare for the aftermath, which will include civil unrest, mass protests, looting, and riots.

These measures include training troops for crowd control, making federal agencies stock up on ammunition, strengthening the will and determination of government officials to see this crisis through to the end, and, finally, laying the psychological groundwork in the American public mind that will ensure the continuation of the status quo.

The best way of defending the corrupt status quo is by inventing scapegoats, demonizing certain social groups, and dividing the people so that they are driven to hate each other rather than their evil oppressors in the government.

Muslims were scapegoated after the false flag 9/11 attacks by the CIA and Mossad. But since there are not enough Muslims in America to occupy the resources and energy of the government a new scapegoat had to be invented.

The new scapegoat is conservative right-wingers. They were once the majority of America but their numbers are declining so from Washington’s perspective it is a good time to gang up on them, vilify them in the press, and direct the dark emotions of the general populace against them.

The myth of the “right-wing domestic terrorist” was conjured up out of nothing, but recent mass shootings committed by the Deep State has turned this myth into a reality in the minds of the gullible public. The patsy in the latest shooting at the Sikh temple has been identified in the press as a right-wing domestic terrorist, white supremacist, and disgruntled veteran.

We should not take these statements seriously because the facts and the history of false flag events show otherwise. The people who committed these recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin were not lone gunmen with screws loose. They were committed by the U.S. shadow terrorist state. It is the culprit.

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Only mental toddlers react to obvious state propaganda and eat up official lies without reflecting on the contents of the poison that they have digested. Blindness and gullibility are not virtues.

II. The Mainstream Media’s Role As A Scapegoating Machine

In Western society today, the main function of mainstream journalists is popularizing state-created myths and brainwashing the public to accept official narratives, whether they be related to domestic or international events.

It is crucial to disregard the official narratives completely and focus on the facts. The biggest threat to America is not terrorism, whether Islamic or right-wing, but totalitarianism.

The authoritarian instincts and impulses of U.S. government officials and leaders have been evident for a while. They have a totalitarian plan for America, and scapegoating right-wingers is a convenient way for them to advance their dictatorial plan while appearing as the good guys.

I’ve seen a lot of liberals jumping on the government-constructed “right-wing domestic terrorism” bandwagon. This is a dangerous error. The tyrants in Washington will use the anti-right wing sentiment to impose martial law and justify the police state, just as it used anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11 to pass the Patriot(Traitor) Act and create the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security.

It is important to be aware of Washington’s domestic game plan and not fall into the mind traps that the tyrants are laying before the people who are sleepwalking.

It is easy to hate, call names, and play the blame game. Civilized and enlightened societies do not go down this easy path. Scapegoating is an ignorant reaction to social and economic problems. Whether the object of people’s mindless hatred is Muslims and foreigners, or American conservatives, the only winner is the totalitarian State.

We must learn to not hate the scapegoat and wish him ill. That way, we will deny the one who is doing the scapegoating the satisfaction of having diverted public attention from his crimes, his failures, and his mistakes.

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