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Assange: Obama ‘effectively rewriting the Constitution’

US News [1]
July 27, 2013

During a Friday conference call with reporters WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg sketched an apocalyptic vision of journalism’s future if Pfc. Bradley Manning is convicted of aiding the enemy.

Aiding the enemy is the most serious charge the Army intelligence analyst faces for allegedly providing an enormous stash of classified documents to WikiLeaks. Prosecutors contend that by handing the documents over for publication, Manning informed the nation’s enemies of sensitive information.

The charge is punishable by execution, but the government is not seeking death in Manning’s case.

Manning’s conviction on that charge would “embroil future journalistic sources in possible death penalty cases for speaking with the media,” Assange said. He alleged the charge is part of “the Obama administration’s new attempt to define journalism about national security as conspiracy to commit espionage.”

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