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At Logan, new device keeps eye on everything

Brian R. Ballou
Boston Globe [1]
May 4, 2010

Hurried frequent fliers in suits commingled with flip-flop-wearing vacationers inside Logan Airport’s expansive Terminal A, their attention grabbed by itinerary printouts, monitors flashing departure information, and a winding line at the security checkpoint.

The camera has a 24-inch diameter and panoramic view.

Rick Duggan, vice president of operations for Cains Foods, stood before a row of monitors and squinted as he tried to locate his flight number. After a reporter told him that he was underneath a one-of-a-kind surveillance camera, he looked up at the cathedral ceiling.

“That’s pretty impressive. I guess there are eyes on us right now,’’ said Duggan, 55, of Rye, N.H., studying the white half-orb dotted with nine camera lenses.

Logan Airport has added another piece of equipment to existing security measures that include full-body scanners and explosives detection units. In a post-9/11 world, the Department of Homeland Security is working with institutions such as MIT to develop tools to improve security at the nation’s airports.

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