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‘Attacking Iran is feasible and credible’

Press TV [1]
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Former deputy commander of US forces in Europe has recommended a devastating military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, should negotiations fail.

Retired air force General Charles Wald said that US policy makers must prepare for a ‘Plan B’, including the US military’s role, should diplomacy with Iran fail.

“A peaceful resolution of the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions would certainly be the best possible outcome,” Wald wrote in an opinion piece published in the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal.

However, Wald added that if sanctions and diplomacy failed, the US should think of a military strike, calling it ‘a technically feasible and credible option’.

He noted that many American politicians wrongly assume that attacking Iran would not bear fruit because of the lack of intelligence on the location of covert nuclear sites in the country and a defense shield around them.

“Such assumptions are false,” he said.


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The retired general proposed the idea that a military preparation for an assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities by the US might persuade Tehran to stop its nuclear ambitions ‘without firing a single shot’.

He went on to suggest that the US Navy should blockade Iran’s ports in the Persian Gulf and put a ban on the country’s gasoline imports.

“Should these measures not compel Tehran to reverse course on its nuclear program, and only after all other diplomatic avenues and economic pressures have been exhausted, the US military is capable of launching a devastating attack on Iranian nuclear and military facilities,” he wrote.

However, top officials and analysts within the Pentagon have warned of conducting any military action against Iran, calling it a highly destabilizing maneuver.

Iran’s top officials have repeatedly warned possible invaders, promising them a crushing response if they dare to attack the country.