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Audio: Malkin Entourage Admits Alex Jones Did Not Say “Kill Malkin”

Infowars [1]
Friday, Aug 29, 2008

In a clip taken from a Pajamas Media podcast, PJM producer Ed Driscoll gets an admission from videographer Andrew Marcus and blogger Charlie Martin that Alex Jones did not call for the murder of Michelle Malkin during a demo to “levitate” the Denver Mint on August 25. This admission by Malkin’s people should put to rest the claims, primarily on neocon blogs and, unfortunately, by Mark Davis at the Dallas Morning News, that Alex Jones threatened Malkin. Marcus and Martin, however, attempt to portray Jones as violent and attempting to incite a “mob,” although Malkin was not touched by Alex Jones and he was in no way responsible for the behavior of people in the crowd, including two individuals who acted as agents provocateurs.

Download the interview as an MP3 here. [2]

The audio clip was taken from PJM Political 8/27/08: Michelle Malkin & Co. Survive Denver–Plus A PJTV Preview! [3] August 27, 2008. The interview with Malkin can be heard in its entirety on the PJM website.