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Austin Activists Join Fight To Remove Neuro-Toxin Fluoride From Drinking Water

We Are Change Austin [1]
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Austin activists from We Are Change join the fight to get fluoride out of the drinking water as more and more people become aware of the fact that they are consuming a neuro-toxin that top scientific studies have associated with retardation, bone cancer and many other severe health problems.

Join Austin’s fight to get added fluoride out of the water. Call city council today:
Mayor Lee Leffingwell: 974-2250
Mayor Pro Tem Member Mike Martinez: 974-2264
Council Member Chris Riley: 974-2260
Council Member Randi Shade: 974-2255
Council Member Laura Morrison: 974-2258
Council Member Bill Spelman: 974-2256
Council Member Sheryl Cole: 974-2266

Also visit: www.fluoridefreeaustin.org
www.wearechangeaustin.org [2]
www.theaustinfreepress.com [3]
www.tagtexas.org [4]

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